Visionkeeper – Where Is The Key? – 18 March 2012

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For many of us, we have spent our entire lives searching for some magical key that will unlock the various doors of our rigid little worlds exposing us at last to answers we have been hoping to find. Surely these answers will make our lives easier, show us the way or perhaps even save us from something untoward. We have stumbled headlong into the foggy illusion reaching out for something to steady ourselves as we continue to step over uncertainty and bump up against doubt. There has to be a road map out of here we keep thinking, some place I will find the key, the answer and escape this life that does not fit my being for some unknown reason. I do not feel like I belong here, I do not fit in, everything around me does not resonate with my soul. Where am I, who am I, where am I meant to be? Where’s the key?

The long journey through the valley of illusion is coming to its end, the final hill we must climb, the last corner we must go around while wondering what is around it. We are finally learning that there is no key to save us. We will not find it stashed away in some obscure location, and we must pass some test in order to enter the room and retrieve this key. We are not living in some Super Mario Brother’s video game.

WE ARE THE KEY! We are the answer we have so long plundered after. Ending life within the foggy illusion requires us to awaken by turning the key within our hearts and minds and opening those doors to a new way of being.  To refuse to embrace new ideas, to not accept the truths of our lives of illusion, to refuse to have the courage to face change will be our downfall, another fall from grace, and we must not allow this! We must open ourselves up to all possibilities that lie before us and be willing to accept that we are becoming a new species of being, that we will not return to the illusion if we choose to move on to a higher dimension. Will you find the courage to turn the key and open to the unknown?

This is what all the unrest in the world is all about. It is not only people’s anger at what has been done to them, their money that has been stolen, their lives that have been stolen from them, children they have lost to wars begun on lies for nothing more than conquest and control. It is all happening in graphic detail all around us announcing it is time to realize we must move on and become new beings for this old way of being is over. In being shown our society’s failures in vivid Technicolor we cannot help but notice the errors of our ways. ‘Look’ our souls are shouting to us, wake up and save yourselves while there are still grains of sand falling through the hour-glass.

Do not look at all of this in despair, but rather see it through your new eyes you have been offered, see the excitement of being allowed to start over and redo your lives in any way you so choose. This bleak movie of death and destruction and oppression playing out before us is showing us what we will be leaving behind when we shift to a higher way of being. If we open our hearts and feel the love for all that is, we will see a road map to follow down a beautiful road of light and bright colors and peacefulness. If we actively partake in our change by refusing to comply to the insanity of the dark ones and we refuse to judge others, if we choose to feel gratitude for all of life and respect all of life equally, we create the new world we are headed towards.

So we must stop looking and waiting for the answers to materialize. There are no magical keys to provide us with answers. We are the answers. This whole shift we are facing, this whole upheaval in the world, the corruption and destruction of morality is counting on all of us to awaken and get with the program. We are awakening, but will humanity complete this process in time? Will we succeed to move humanity up to a new dimension of higher consciousness ending this illusion we have been imprisoned in for far too long? If we work hard to free ourselves and are willing to lighten up and awaken the darkness around us as well, I truly believe we will finally unlock the final door to a loving world!

Blessings to you all,

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  1. Beautifully expressed, O keeper of visions!