Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 19 March 2012

The cosmos are in tune with our human psyche as it continues to gear up with an energetic momentum that puts us through the shenanigans of arriving in a new land of multidimensionality. Since the beginning of the month we have been adjusting to the universal reformulation and filtration of planetary grids and ley lines. These naturally occurring magnetic conductors of upwelling energies are delivering powerful currents of Light codes that have not been available to Gaia (earth) or her inhabitants for approximately 25,000 years.

The authorities and protectorates of this realm have remained diligent in their commitment to have this infusion made as harmoniously as possible, however, many of us have found ourselves in precarious positions energetically and perceptually. If you are one of those who have been coexisting with spectacularly strange, up and down energies then at least you have the consolation prize of knowing everyone is being relentlessly shaken as we journey within these cosmic torsion (a powerful spinning energy field that mirrors the spin of the galaxy) waves.

As we venture into these potent times the understanding comes to many that we only got the “trailer” preview of this Ascension process and that merging with the Divine Creator Energy while still in physical form is a precise and exacting talent that will leave the current human consciousness feeling powerless and subservient much of the time. When this happens it is actually a celebration of spiritual accomplishment because the shifts and changes are supporting the state of awakening for the human kingdom. The process of evolving into greater and wise beings mandates releasing our power for a time so just give in and allow what is “completely different” to come in.

As we move toward our Galactic Center and 2012 Gaia will continue to shift and we will continue to see great changes in ourselves and our lives in order that we be stretched beyond what we can presently comprehend. We will after 2012 as well. The earth is responding to these changes in the form of weather anomalies. Huge snow storms where generally there are only small amounts. Rare winds and rains. Geo-magnetic storms. Venting volcanoes and seismic activities. Yet none of these happenings can send you into nerve-shattering scenarios if you understand that we (planet included) are not being harmed. All living things are simply being rewired toward their Living Light blueprint. The complete records of our Divinity are being activated and brought back online.

So how is the current implementation being felt and influencing the human element? If you are a regular reader of my Monday reads you are aware the veils between realities have been thinning and overlapping. With the recent system upgrades to your first and seventh chakras you are oscillating with/to your vaster multi-natured counterparts. You and I are literally pulsing multi-dimensionally in such a way that we are resonating in other dimensions and realities even as we exist in the third dimension. Those in my world have been experiencing intense dreams, real-time astral travel, and visions of other domains, times, and spaces. Unlike most of their ordinary mortal days these sophisticated journeys sometimes startle and unnerve them. Try to remember that as you strive for more Soul resonance in physical form you will become a more primal substance of consciousness that is not limited by the confines of third dimension.

Guides are telling me that we are being seen, heard and wondered about in different astral planes of the universe. Until recently we were too dense to shine through into other realities. Now, just as many of you have seen those wispy shadows out of the corner of your eye that seem to appear and disappear almost simultaneously, you are doing the same in other planes of reality. If you are aware that you are blipping in and out of the ethers then you understand that you are being given opportunities to communicate with other worlds, to access information of the Ancients and Future worlds. You have regenerated your Divinity and quicker than you think – the impossible and beyond it will be at the forefront of your consciousness.

This period is also full of a stimulating mix of challenge and opportunity. Since change is happening at so many levels collapsing and dismantling may be your course for a few days only to be inspired within the same week by the implementation and forward movement energy that settles in quickly once the clearing is complete. I have seen this externalized as not having the ability to sense directionally what is next yet able to see the big picture of your life and how you can fulfill your higher destiny. Our Divine blueprints are literally grabbing and deploying all the Living Light coding that will fit within our systems. Just follow what feels right to you. Don’t put off any advice or guidance you receive – it’s being given in order to make more space for Creator Source Energy. All is being offered so that your memory records open up and dispatch an Eternal Current of Light through every particle of your identity.

Physical bodies are going to be releasing whatever is stagnant and out of date too. Colds and flu are a great way for the body to sloth off internal tissue lining that cannot accommodate the newer frequencies. Headaches and brainstem aches will continue to abound as the cellular assembly configures a finer assortment of Purity, Truth, Freedom and Goodness through everything you think, do or speak. Stiff necks and shoulders as well as digestive issues can also be indicators that you are being a successful vision keeper for planet earth.

In order to maintain balance as a Master being during this modern Mystery School experience it will be helpful to stay in the now. To deny any feelings, truths, or values is to energetically move against the flow. When you do that you are knocked off your feet in one way or another until you have to stop and pay attention. As the changes encompass you and you them, and you find yourself floundering with the ups and downs two simple questions will bring you back to center.  The questions are: “In this now am I safe?” and “In this now do I have everything that I need?”

Remember, the theme of the game in this now time is to gain the freedom of the Soul’s enlightenment – the knowledge to name each thing in the universe, the knowledge to learn its cause, and the knowledge to understand its influence. As the electromagnetic forces continue to cleanse your etheric body all you have to do is accept and acknowledge that Light is your original state of being and that it cannot be contained in one physical body, nor can it be contained in one physical atmosphere. Walking meditations and chakra balancing exercises as well as whole brain workouts can support your ability to remain governed from your truest power.

Stay in a place of joy this week, happy to be human, happy to be flesh and happy to be wherever you are in the moment of your experience. You are the center of your universe! You are the center of our personal time/space continuum and you are capable of appearing in and controlling all aspects of your life because you are the Master awakening and anchoring Creator Energy on this earth plane!

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