Natalie Glasson – Mary Magdalene Speaks – 19 March 2012

As a pure white rose blossoms and unfolds in magnificent high vibrational gardens upon the Earth, I allow my energies to blossom and unfold to you. There is so much that I wish to share with you, but our connection together today brings such delight to my soul. I shower you in my light, love and joy, I bathe you in cleansing and healing light and I embrace you in beauty, truth and bliss, I am here as a sister of light to reawaken a greater aspect of the divine within you. Many of you know me and so I come forward as an awakening and activation for your senses, soul, energy vibrations and natural wisdom. Love is the energy that I serve you with; it is the energy of my being and the energy that I express with each energetic vibration of my being. With love comes the process of purification and the realisation of truth. I am here to support you in any way that your soul will allow me to with the divine focus of enhancing and empowering your divinity and truth.

I, Mary Magdalene, have had many life times upon the Earth and I am known on the inner panes by a different name but I am often called forth to be of service to the ascension process as the aspect of my soul and soul group named Mary Magdalene. I have contemplated the reason for this, observing each of my lifetimes which have become individual aspects of my whole soul and soul group, I now realise that my lifetime as Mary Magdalene drew upon the great compassionate love of my soul and the powerful awakening Goddess light. These I feel are two energies which are needed upon the Earth at this time of its ascension. It is my understanding that humanity needs to develop a greater compassion for their own energy and for the souls incarnate as humanity on the Earth. It is the development of a compassion that is free from attachment, pity or superiority, it is a compassion of understanding what the personality, soul and soul group are achieving and growing through with each experience and situation on the Earth. I discovered that compassion doesn’t hold an opinion, it is simply the desire to share the purest vibration of love from your being. As Mary Magdalene on the Earth of course I had challenging times but I always reminded myself that whatever occurred I am always strong enough in energy, mind and emotion to overcome and move through with ease. My focus upon compassion allowed me to see the greater plan of the Creator, therefore acknowledging that everything has a purpose and a reason. With compassion and understanding I found myself beaming out love from the very essence of my being. Allow yourself to share compassion with yourself and those around you but let the compassionate energy flow from within your soul rather than an activation of your personality.

The empowerment of the Goddess energy is of such importance at this time, I encourage you to allow the Goddess light to be a support, amongst other light vibrations, to all your spiritual practices and focuses upon the Earth. The Goddess light holds a unique power at this time which has rarely been recognised before on the Earth. The Goddess energy has the power to unlock energies and allow them to reconnect with your being. The process of unlocking dimensions, energy vibrations, connections with guides, consciousness and wisdom which may have been blocked to you because of misunderstanding, fear or control can be awakened and allowed to flow into your vibration once more with the Goddess light. In truth the Goddess lightcan assist in aligning and merging energies and consciousness with your being to aid further understanding of the self and the Creator.  To activate this power there is a need to embody the Goddess light, accepting and experiencing its vibration within your being. For much time I would sit connecting with the Goddess light, building the meaning and purpose of the Goddess light which was personal and appropriate to me. It was for me to hold and act as the Goddess light in all areas and manners of my reality on the Earth as Mary Magdalene and so I became a conscious student of the Goddess light and power, working on a soul personal level. Through my exploration I discovered that I was actually learning about, recognising and acknowledging my own energy and qualities through my constant connection with the Goddess light. For much time I perceived a merging process occurring between my own soul and the Goddess light but in actual fact the Goddess light was showing my truth to me. Upon this realisation I was very overwhelmed, grateful and a little bashful as I realised the great service that the Goddess light has offered me. It is now my purpose and mission to be of service to others upon the Earth to encourage them to work with the Goddess light or my manifestation of the Goddess light so that we may act as a reflection of your own energies, allowing yourself to see you in your true light and likeness.

We are all aware of the ascension process that is ever unfolding upon the Earth, it is at this time that it is appropriate to see the qualities of the Goddess light within your being; it is these qualities that will assist you the most in bringing greater love to the Earth. Please remember that the Goddess qualities are your qualities, there is no separation between you only a greater need for continuous realisation of yourself.

I will share a very special story with you that is close to my heart. Upon my ascension, I was asked to look into my soul with the purpose of simple observation, I thought that I would see and sense the energies and light explosions that I often associated with my soul but on this occasion I was surprised as my soul drew me into the depths of its energy and posed the question, ‘who are you?’ I had been accustomed to my soul and spiritual teachers asking me this question which often resulted in what now seemed like an automatic answer. This time however was different, I felt a deep relaxation within my being and energy as my soul began to project images into my mind. I was given the facial image of all my family, loved ones and friends on the Earth, then the facial image of every human upon the Earth. An unusual sensation came over me, a familiarity with each face that I saw even thought I had not known them on the Earth. Then I was given the facial images of all my beloved spiritual teachers on the inner planes and all beings upon the inner planes. The visions began to change from facial images to recognition of energy patterns. I was shown the energy pattern of all light beings in the heavens and the Creator’s universe and the energy pattern of the purest vibration of the Creator. This was how I came to know myself from that moment forth. I recognise my soul within each of you which only enhances my connection with all aspects of the Creator. When the time is appropriate you will also be opened up to this divine experience of who you are, everything that you are doing on the Earth will lead you graciously to that moment of recognition of self. It was my observation of the Goddess light that I felt empowered this special experience for me.

Many of you have been through so much energetically, physically and spiritually in your current lifetime; do not be alarmed if you are experiencing a time of rest and rejuvenation as you exist in 2012. For many of you it has been a difficult pathway and with the vibrational change you feel the need to simply bathe and adjust yourself peacefully. Others may feel spiritual inspired knowing that now is the time of true acceleration of their spiritual path. It is interesting to observe that those who feel the need to rest now have been working towards the ascension of all for some time. Those who feel inspire in 2012 are in actual fact taking over the role of accelerating humanities ascension forward.  The people feeling as those they must rest are being given time to reflect and gather their energies for future spiritual evolution after all their past efforts of awakening those around them. Then we will see that everyone will begin to gather the momentum of ascension allowing the energy vibration of the Earth to truly quicken. Each of you is playing your divine role in the most divine process of self-realisation. It is my feeling that the energy of compassion is needed on the Earth because it will allow for a great sense of healing to occur. Those who have been working spiritually to carry humanity to 2012 need healing and compassion to allow them time to re-establish their own energy vibration and begin to support the ascension process once more. Those who feel inspire need compassion as healing to support them as they take the baton for a momentand push the ascension process forward as they reach for and anchor higher dimensions and vibrations into their being and the Earth. Of course everything is never black and white, there are those of you who I know well who were there in ancient times to accelerate ascension and steadily remain strong in this time on the Earth and will do so until the ascension is achieved. It is these beings who I sent my compassion to at this very moment as I know that it is you, who is reading my words at this time. You have remained steady and strong as an accelerator of ascension and will continue to do so.

It is the greatest experience to feel humbled by your experience and the process of ascension, to respect, honour, love and send your compassion to each person on the Earth and in the universe of the Creator for the wonderful miracles that are being achieved. I am sure that you have experienced a time in your life where you felt so lucky, so blessed and happy; you just had to shout out thank you. This is that time. For this moment forth you have the right to feel happy, lucky and to be truly thankful because you are in the most unique situation and experience, you are seeing the continuous growth and acceleration of ascension, you know all who are achieving this (your fellow humans) and you know that you are playing a vital role in this entire experience. Allow yourself to be reminded of this and on these occasions draw the compassion of your soul to the surface to be shared with love reaching every person and being of light that you are on the Earth and the inner planes.

It has been a great pleasure to talk with you,

Mary Magdalene link to original article first published 18 March 2012

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