Suzanne Poulson Spooner – From Prilon, God And My Dad – The Heart Of The Matter Or Pt. 2 Of The Activation & Rewiring Message – 19 March 2012


[Hello Prilon.] Hello Suzy Dear. May we continue with our discussion? [You are referring to the 3/11/12 post about activation and rewiring?] Yes. [Excellent, let’s begin.] Ron is here as well. [Awesome, hi Dad!] R- Hi Suzy, let’s include God as well. [Sounds great! Hi God!] G- Hi Suzy, we have a full house! 

G- Now we are ready to begin this message.

Being of physical manifestation, those who walk the Earth now, are in the flow of expedited change. On this journey you are experiencing this life in a transition of multiple dimensions. Nowhere is this more evident than the ethereal dimensions.

Through out the time of duality the human has only experienced the higher dimensions in spits and spurts. The times of prayer, meditation and dreaming were your times of this connection. Giving you this lifeline to your origin was sometimes clouded by religious dogma, overactive ego and fear. The few, true times of connection were felt as momentary bliss.

As your experience has shifted with awakening, the ability to shift to your truth is becoming second nature to many again. I am, you are and we are in this grand experiment together.

First, let me say how happy I am with humanity’s progress. [Really?? If you check the news out God, you may not be so happy…] Well, we know that truth is rarely fond there. [True.] What I speak of is the awakening of the High Self to the collective.

In this new beingness is the heart of the matter. [Hold on, I think that last sentence was loaded with meaning.] It was a great play on words! You are all new beings of the awakened states. Matter is the density you understand best and in your awakening your heart rules. In this new beingness is the heart of the matter. Quietly think on this. While you institute your DNA changes and your energetic shifts, realize that you are a new updated version of the old you! You are fully able to connect with will to all dimensions. You are the master carpenter of this life. link to original article first published 18 March 2012

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