Visionkeeper – Time To Grow Wings – 19 March 2012

We are nearing the end of this epic journey I believe and the chaos may well begin. I like to believe it won’t, but in all reality it probably will for a short while. People’s worlds are going to get rocked to the core with the great truths and the mind bending possibilities of the new world coming. It will challenge us deeply and we must stand firm in our trust that all will be well. We must now begin to grow our wings with which to rise above the chaos and remain in our frequencies of unconditional love. We grow our wings by lightening our loads by eliminating our old issues and releasing our mind controlled ways of perceiving life. We must hold tight to our positive thinking and continue to exude love to all and even have compassion for those of the dark, in hopes they will grow wings as well and rise out of their evil into the sunshine.

Anything and everything is possible if we bring it into our reality with our thoughts. Just wishing to lock the dark ones away in prison forever may satisfy our egos, but not our spirits. Our spirits wish to see the dark ones change their ways and evolve into higher consciousness, end their dark reign of terror and begin to glow with the light. So we must get beyond our 3D need for revenge and take the higher road towards love and compassion. It is who we truly are within and we are beginning to sense this strongly now. We are love!

There is little time left now to think about preparation. Now is the time for action, to make our final personal releases of what no longer defines us, to finally gather up the courage to admit to ourselves what went before us was all a grand illusion and we must accept that fact. The reality of ‘now’ asks us to reach deep within ourselves and shine our light on the seeds of love and compassion planted long ago and left dormant until the time of light came forth to nourish them. That time is now. Drink plenty of fresh water and feed your soul with love at every moment and the seeds will grow and bloom and we will begin to sprout our wings with which to rise above it all.

I don’t know about my readers but I do know having written here everyday for months and staying in this mindset has made such a huge difference. Writing about this everyday has kept me thinking through my heart and not my mind and my wings have grown and I can now fly above the chaos and feel at peace with what is. There is no fear. Fear left quite some time ago for the most part. We all stumble at times and must remind ourselves to get back up and return to the light. I do not dwell in fear or worry of what will be because I know in my heart what will be is as it should be and all will be well. I do not allow doubt or fear to come into my home to take refuge, they are not welcome and my doors are locked to them.

So have you been preparing for the shift? Have you spent time within clearing out the gunk that has kept you glued to the illusion? The bell for last round has chimed and closing time draws near. Gather family together and share the future dream you have together, be loving to each other and stretch yourselves beyond the comfort zone towards being understanding and seeing things from a new perspective, not the old 3D version. Breathe deeply and fill up with much-needed oxygen, rest or meditate, eat as little GMO foods as possible and keep hydrated with fresh water. Prepare yourselves for the shift of humanity and finally the freedom for all to enjoy life in a whole new world!

Blessings to you all,

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One response to “Visionkeeper – Time To Grow Wings – 19 March 2012

  1. BEAUTIFULLY EXPRESSED! I have, my wings are spread as well, and I AM fully prepared to move onward and upward into our resplendent destiny.