Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Light You Are – 20 March 2012

God said:

How can there be darkness when I AM? How can there be darkness when I Am Light, and I shine? Only in perception can you feel submerged in darkness. Only in misperception, beloveds. You misread the map you hold in your hand.

Your heart is light. If you see darkness, you are not seeing. You have closed your eyes to Truth. Light is Truth. Darkness is a slip. Perhaps the speed of light has been too quick for you to grasp it.

I blow My breath on your heart now. I take away the heaviness of despair and replace it with the light from My own heart.

Remember it is for you to rise and not stay where you are. In fact, I will say to you that you are risen. When you feel yourself slipping and sliding, that is illusion. Illusion has its attractions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the attractions are true or that they give you value.

We could say that the illusion of darkness is a form of ego. Ego will go at you in many ways. It may tell you that no one has suffered as you have suffered, as if suffering makes you special.

You are already special. You are parked in My heart. Return your thoughts to My heart.

Doldrums seem real. They assail your heart. Yet there is no absence of light. Open your eyes.

Furthermore, here is a new world before you. You are ready to take off. You are going to be flying high. You are about ready to ascend. And where are you ascending to? Right where you have always been, only you wore dark glasses and didn’t see.

“The room is dark,” you say.

“Take off your dark glasses,” I say.

You take off your dark glasses. Then you say: “Why, it is light. I am in the Light.”

You took off your dark glasses, and then you saw you had landed in the light of Heaven.

Now you are ready to take off in a flight that takes you to where you are right now.

Life on Earth seems real to you. Too real to you. The solid sod under your feet is not real. It is not your foundation. The bright light of Heaven is your foundation. Your foundation is not beneath your feet. Your foundation is Heavenward.

Naturally, there is no above and below in Heaven. There is just Beingness, and we can call Beingness a Great Light. It is an eternal light. There are no blips to it. It is a light that stays on. It is not a dim night light. It is the bright light of the Sun, and you are that Bright Light of the Sun.

I cast My eyes on you, and I see the Bright Sunlight of your soul. Come see with Me. Come, look through My eyes and see what I see when I look at you. I see you before My eyes.

See through My eyes, and you will let go of darkness. At first, I was going to say that you would vanquish darkness, yet there is no darkness to vanquish, only Light to be seen.

This light that you are is not a glowing ember. It is the full light of Heaven. You are a carrier of this Bright Light. You are this Bright Light. It carries you!

You are never out of the Light. Time is fashionable in the world, yet only Eternity exists. Eternity is all light, and you are light, and all is light, and I am Light. Light can never be dark. Only when you cover your eyes can you imagine anything but Light, for Light I AM, and Light you ARE. link to original article

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