Lucas – – A Good Case For Voterfraud Made – Ron Paul Systematically Robbed – ABC7 Publishes Vote Results Before Election – 20 March 2012

Let me be clear I am not voting for anyone but this vote rigging and fraud, systematically not reporting the truth on Ron Paul and his campaign nor his voters, procedures that get altered to let win others is a disgrace. It shows what an undeveloped country the USA is. It points its finger at so-called third world countries but it is as we are informed now not a democracy as it does not honour its own Constitution and Bill of Rights and the freedom it has given to The People of the USA and not to the power-hungry politicians, the  congress, the senate, the government, president or the elite, cabal, etc.  

The below link will give you several reports on vote rigging and fraud to keep Ron Paul out of the race and winning.  The blatant example of  producing the results of an election that still has to be held is the newest scandal in a big line following this undemocratic and criminal behaviour going on.

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Lucas link to original website and article with links

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