Visionkeeper – It’s In The Air – 20 March 2012

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I don’t like to give my energy to thinking about what ‘Might’ happen down the road ahead, for as I always say what we give our energy to becomes our reality. With that said I also think it prudent at times to observe the negative rumblings making their way around the internet and be aware, but then be able to release it and return our energy to love. There is a big difference in knowing the fearful things and dwelling in them. We can be aware of them, prepare if necessary, but then allow them to drift back out of our awareness and move on. Stay anchored in a loving heart and compassion for all. This is a delicate dance we are in just now. Learning what we can give our attentions to and what to let go. It is imperative, however, to manifesting the new world of love we wish to create. That is where we must live, in that dream, in our hearts, we must imagine with all of our five senses fully. We must remain calm at all costs, even if the chaos begins. Think love!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us that something is afoot in the world. We can feel these energies swirling around us, trying to stir up the pot of confusion. The war drums of the dark one’s insanity are beating loudly, new laws are being passed at lightening speed that strip us of all we have, allowing martial law to ensure and other such evil plans to unfold. They are real and they are happening right now.

Okay, now we know it, now forget it! Go back to being centered in your hearts. Short of telling everyone to have an extra food supply on hand, pet supplies and personal supplies at the ready just in case, there is little else we can do, so definitely worrying about it will do nothing but strengthen that dark reality! We know the good times are before us, we know our freedom is just around the bend, we can feel our hearts opening and our lives changing dramatically, so stay there with those thoughts! Feel those changes taking place, marvel at the wonder of it all and immerse yourselves in how remarkable this whole ascension process is.

Yes our Government is against us, yes there is a very dark force in control just now, but we are the light and we will find a way to shine brightly enough all around the world, that the dark ones will have no place to hide, do dark spaces to creep into for cover. These laws passing and these roars of war are their last desperate attempts to beat down the light and conquer the world. They cannot do that if we don’t let them. We must shine brightly!

If we refuse to feel the fear they are trying to smoother us under, if we refuse to go along with their plans, if we join together and say no, they lose control and their last evil plan fails. We are not alone in this battle, God and Spirit and other forces obviously do not want to see the world destroyed. They are there fighting along side of us, so we must not give up hope, we must not let in fear!!! We must not let down the rest of the universe who are counting on us to bring in the light.

The biggest disadvantage we have going into this battle is if we fall to fear! Fear is what we must be in control of, aware of what we are feeling and find the courage to silence it when it arises. We must learn to catch ourselves when we slip into dark places where fear lurks. If we find ourselves hanging out there, step back, take notice and return to the space within our hearts. It is only when we invite fear into our homes and offer them comfort that we nosedive into panic. NO PANIC!!! Stay calm at all costs. Out strength is found in our abilities to refuse the fear and to remain loving and compassionate. It will be hard if everyone around us is in panic, but we must hold the light and stay heart centered.

Today the spring equinox enters our reality again. Let us welcome her with joyful, open arms and be thankful for all we have and all the earth provides us in beauty and our abilities to live. We can cower in fear and worry about our futures or we can celebrate the coming of spring and the beginning of a whole new world ahead of us. Gather family together and rejoice, share good food and laughter and find a way in which you can thank the earth and the seasons for what they give to us. Let gratitude wash over us, let it seep into empty crevasses filled with cobwebs. It is time to revive gratitude in our lives and acknowledge it every day, every moment we are fortunate enough to be alive and well.

Happy Spring to all,

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  1. Gratitude IS the Attitude!!! Awesome, Visionkeeper, just awesome!