Lee-Anna Peters – Times Of Turmoil Bringing Opportunities For Growth! Sent With Love – 21 March 2012

We have all been there at some point – reaching the bottom of the pit or the edge of the cliff in our life – not knowing what to do next or how to move forward from this fragile space. You are not alone with your struggling as I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt this at some point, and sometimes just knowing that you aren’t the only one struggling can take a lot of pressure off you.

These days for me, I do my best to recognize the ‘downturn’ before it reaches that point of the ‘deepest darkness.’ By being as in touch with my body, mind, emotions and spirit as possible helps me notice when I am being knocked out of balance. It’s during these moments when I step back, observe and feel – while working out where I may be unbalanced in my life. Sometimes I find my way of thinking can make how I feel worse, so that is usually the first place I start. Retreating into a nice salty bath, taking a walk or listening to music can be great moments for contemplation.

What if you haven’t managed to stop the lopsided momentum as the downward spiral begins? What if you have been in this position so many times and you are expecting to reach the lowest of lows? It can be difficult to see the light and the good things when tumbling downward like this, however the first thing I suggest exploring is if you are believing that the low is coming’ because that belief can have you automatically set yourself up to fall! Any belief like this can cast limitations on how you potentially see this situation – maybe from one of opportunity to one of challenge. Do your best not to judge what you observe, but be real about how you feel, then write in your journal and explore what these limiting beliefs may be. It’s through this recognition that you can more easily pull yourself out, before you reach the low.

Many assume that a bush fire is a bad thing, however nature has been rejuvenating herself in this manner before humans walked this Earth, and I feel we can learn a lot from this. A bush fire may sweep through some land, seemingly burning trees to nothing and forcing animals to relocate, however after the ‘destruction’ the sun comes out and the dampness inspires what appeared to be a ‘dormant growth’ return. The trees start to sprout with LIFE! The animals move back in and maybe into a newer and more nourishing location – new life begins again! This transformation occurs for us in our lives as well, and sometimes we reach a point where we need to strip everything back – to reveal our deep wounds and to heal them

There is always hope and there is always help for you. However knowing ‘you are never faced with anything you can’t handle’ tells me that you have the strength to transform times of turmoil into great opportunities for growth and living the happy life you deserve! Wave goodbye to the old and worn out as you welcome the new into your life – a time when you can truly say that you have transformed a traumatic situation into one of great opportunity!

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