Lisa Gawlas – Careful Navigation Required – Part 1 – 21 March 2012

Well Happy Spring (and Fall, depending on where you live) Equinox to you!  For me, spring started out just strange in my world.  First, I was awakened by a cat hissing in my face.  I am not sure at all whether I dreamt that, or if the cat I am sitting for actually hissed in my face… either way, it was a startling way to awaken.  I drifted back to sleep for what felt like only moments when I dreamt I was outside walking and stepped on a goat-head (here in New Mexico, they are the pickiest things I have ever experienced… like natures land minds…ouch!)  I decided to just stay awake.

Once I got up, I realized that, dipsy-do-little me, left my laptop and the cooling fan underneath it on my heater… and my cooling fan melted to my propane furnace!  Geez!

Not to mention the absolute, pure exhaustion I woke up with, even tho I slept for close to 8 hours.

Once daylight came up, I went outside to my car to get something… and now that feeling was really really strange.  It was as if the entire landscape was unfamiliar (energetically) and I was walking outside this door for the first time. Yet, at the same time, I knew where everything was, so there was a detached familiar to it all.  I felt like that thru my morning hours.  I was truly orienting myself into a new place…. all of which looked familiar!

It sure wasn’t the open welcoming arms of spring I had hoped for!  Of course, the weather here was not very spring like either… it was only 23 degrees when I was rudely awakened, and never got warmer than 40 degrees.  We spent the equinox inside!  The blowing winds created the already crisp cool air, crisper and colder.

To top all of this crazy energetic day off, after dinner I decided to take out my pendulum and let Archangel Michael share some messages for myself and my guests (since my own psychic skills was buried in exhaustion.)

Michael seemed to give each of us a “warning” message.  Mine was just the icing on the top of an already strange cake of a day!  Here is what he said to me:

“Time has collapsed.  Careful navigating is required for safe arrival in the 9th dimension:  Realignment to the core of the sun. “

Hell I didn’t even realize we made it thru to the 8th (he said “some people have.”)

I asked him about my mega-millions ticket sitting under my lapadorite (sp?) crystal charging…. his crazy ass answer to my “am I gonna win tonight” was “I need your attention charting new waters.”  Great!!  Can’t I do that with a few million in my bank?? Geez…

We took turns asking questions and I all I wanted to understand was about that careful navigating, what does that all even mean.  His only reply was to amplify his message again by spelling out “careful navigating required.”  Great!!

It seems Spring came in with a shit-ton of warning messages for me… between being hissed at by a cat (a very anti-social cat) and my left foot (physical life) stepping on a goathead, and my cooling fan melting onto my heater… Obviously the entires day message to me was “careful.”

I did happen to get a bit of interesting information yesterday.  I was flipping thru the things available to watch on my Sony blue-ray wi-fi player… the only access I have to anything remotely “TV” and came across a yoga channel.  Since one of my guests really enjoys yoga, I put it on for her.

I started to see the tightening of the muscle fibers of the lady’s body doing yoga (she was incredibly flexible with that body!) and I could hear spirit say, when you tighten the fibers of your muscle without clearing first your energy field, you deeply embed the chaotic energy into your fibers, gripping you stronger and tighter than before.

It really gave me that OMG feeling inside.  When I was married, we moved from PA to FL in hopes of saving our marriage (and getting away from all the family input,) once I got to Florida I went on a “Sweatin to the Oldies” kick… to the point of doing it 3 hours a day every single day.  I got my old body back (the pre-baby body I once had) and we ended up filing for divorce several months later.  Getting that information from watching the yoga thing, I understood so completely that with my new, tightly formed muscle structure, I was completely embedded with my desire to get out of my marriage, not work it out.  All my core issues amplified by my new tight muscles.  Of course… looking back now, it was the best thing I could have done for all of us… but still gives me a really intense look at how we can deepen our stuff as opposed to lighten it up!  Meditation would not be a part of my world for 5 more years!

We also watched an interview with Gregg Braden, whom I love!  His marriage of science and spirit was exactly what I needed to understand this new field we are now navigating.  As he talked I could see with clear understanding all the images that have emerged as the orbital field of energy.

So later today, once my guests depart, I will play the interview with him again and detail as much as I can with understanding of his science to my metaphysics… it really is breathtaking!!

We are indeed, in a new world of magic, but the stakes and the responsibility has never been greater either!!

To be continued….


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