Steve Beckow – There Will Be No Nuclear War With Iran – 21 March 2012

In light of the recent campaign by Israelis Ronny Edry and his wife Michal Tamir to rally Israelis to communicate to Iranians their refusal to back a war with Iran, I’d like to revise and reissue a post that I did some time ago on the subject of the likelihood of a war with Iran.

David Wilcock reported in his “Financial Tyranny” series that:

“Very aggressive and blatant moves are being made to start World War III in the Middle East — with imminent, ever-increasing threats from Israel and the United States to attack Iran.

I do think it wise to remind readers that no nuclear World War III will occur and to urge lightworkers to cease reporting the matter as if it is likely or even possible to happen.

Both the plan to attack Iran and to start a nuclear Third World War have been around probably for decades as Carol Rosen’s disclosures suggest. (1) The agenda of taking the world’s population down from 7 billion to 500 million has been covered in many articles on this site. And just as often the authorization of the galactics to prevent that plan has also been reported.

SaLuSa, in his message today (March 21, 2012), issued the latest reminder that no nuclear war would be permitted on the planet:

“Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen. Believe us, Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war.” (2)
Prior to this, he made a statement about it a little more than a week ago (March 12, 2012):

“Although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have failed and will continue to do so.

“We do not wish you to suddenly feel fearful of the future having assured you that everything is going well. However, we will again inform you that our technology is such that we have total control over what happens in the Middle East, and all confrontations will soon be brought to a halt. Authorities have been informed that we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used, and that we are opposed to any form of aggression.

“It is therefore quite pointless to continue war games, and take part in all of the posturing that inflames the situation. Our patience is running out and if matters do not improve, we shall use our authority to bring a halt to all attempts to engage in warlike moves.” (3)

In case there are those who would be satisfied only after hearing the same reassurance from other sources of the Company of Heaven, here is Archangel Michael on March 5, 2012:

“Now once again upon your planet, as this is transpiring, there is a threat of reaction, of war. Now, we want you to know, it is very, very seldom, rare – because of our agreements and because of Universal Law – that we interfere in such matters. But we wish to suggest to you, very strongly, that as this reorganization globally takes place, that was marked so beautifully by revolution and evolution in so many countries, it will not be allowed to deteriorate back into war.

“You and I, and many in every realm have worked too long and too hard. We are too close to that breakthrough to allow that interference to occur.” (4)

And here is Matthew Ward from Jan. 4, 2012:

“People in all countries are speculating what [the U.S.] government will do relative to Iran and North Korea, so we say that you can expect more tough rhetoric, but there will be no escalation into armed conflicts.” (5)

Now let us pick up the thread of the earlier article giving corroboration of these statements from the Company of Heaven from insider information.

The cabal’s plan to bomb Iran has been prevented by the Earth allies and the Company of Heaven on numerous occasions: witness events like the foiling of the attempt to fly nuclear weapons from Minot AFB to the Middle East in 2007, the failure of the provocative Georgian War of 2008, and the forced landing of the missile-carrying stealth craft over Qatar in 2010, etc.

Of the Minot operation, international law professor Francis A. Boyle speculated:

“[The] incident concerning the nuclear cruise missiles from the Minot Air Base down to Barksdale … I don’t think that was a mistake. Obviously someone gave the command to do this, to transport nuclear Cruise Missiles down to Barksdale that is being used as a staging point for bombing operations in the Middle East.” (6)

In her comments on the Qatar operation, Kerry Cassidy identified the American Navy as having stopped that mission. The command of the American Navy appears to have joined the Light many years ago now.

“I heard from a well placed Source today that a plane was forced to land [in] Qatar. This plane was described as a stealth bomber carrying nuclear warheads… Word is that it was a CIA-directed flight and although fire on board is the published reason for the forced landing the real reason is far more sinister.

“Apparently this is just one of several attempts to start a nuclear war in the Middle East (headed for Iran). The exact day/time of this incident is unclear.

“I was told that this stealth bomber was shot at and forced to land by an American fleet based in the area.

“The commander of this Navy vessel is said to be part of a group of commanders who are refusing to allow this war to get started. I was told there have been a total of 3 prevented attempts over the past few months.” (7)

Towards the end of the Bush presidency, the American military seems to have drawn a line in the sand over war with Iran. When both Bush and Cheney pushed for it, numerous American generals and admirals were poised to resign. Said a British newspaper:

“There are four or five generals and admirals we know of who would resign if Bush ordered an attack on Iran,” a source with close ties to British intelligence said. ‘There is simply no stomach for it in the Pentagon, and a lot of people question whether such an attack would be effective or even possible.’

“A British defence source confirmed that there were deep misgivings inside the Pentagon about a military strike. “All the generals are perfectly clear that they don’t have the military capacity to take Iran on in any meaningful fashion. Nobody wants to do it and it would be a matter of conscience for them.” (8)

One of the most important public declarations came from Admiral William Fallon, then being considered to head Central Command. Fallon was one of the few command officers who actually put his position on the line.

“Admiral William Fallon, then President George W. Bush’s nominee to head the Central Command (CENTCOM), expressed strong opposition in February to an administration plan to increase the number of carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM, according to sources with access to his thinking.

“Fallon’s resistance to the proposed deployment of a third aircraft carrier was followed by a shift in the Bush administration’s Iran policy in February and March away from increased military threats and toward diplomatic engagement with Iran. That shift, for which no credible explanation has been offered by administration officials, suggests that Fallon’s resistance to a crucial deployment was a major factor in the intra-administration struggle over policy toward Iran. …

“Despite Vice President Dick Cheney’s invocation of the military option from the deck of the USS John C. Stennis in the Persian Gulf last week, the strategy of escalating a threat of war to influence Iran has been put on the shelf, at least for now.” (9)

The threats to attack Iran are, in my estimation, designed to promote fear in the world community and to create a climate of fear, chaos and panic  in which the world’s nuclear powers can exert control over the masses. I would consider it very improbable that the actual Illuminati military commanders at least, if not their political allies as well, do not know that it is an impossibility to explode a nuclear bomb on Earth or in space for warlike purposes. The galactics have communicated that fact to them and groups like the Hastings Panel have made it clear as well. The cabal monitors all developments like these and must be aware of them.

The work of people like Ronny Edry and Michal Tamir is extremely important for building an environment of love to counteract the cabal’s repeated threats and attempts to scare us. But no one should actually fear that there remains the slightest chance that such an act against Iran is capable of being carried out.

A revolution of love and peaceful co-existence is fated to arise on Earth within the foreseeable future. And people like Edry and Tamir are in the forefront of it. I urge all lightworkers to learn from and emulate their actions, to push this peaceful revolution forward.



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