Lisa Gawlas – The Dreamer MUST Be Awake Within The Dream – Part 2 – 22 March 2012

I knew something huge was underway on our beloved earth.  Until this morning, I really had no clue how huge!  I am going to recap some things here about this last week, that I now understand more clearly.  I pray my words can make it as clear outwardly as I now understand it inwardly!

The sheer amount of solar flares released thru the first two weeks of March contained energy, codes and codex’s the earth has never before received.  All of it creating an atmosphere of energy the earth, nor any of her children experienced in any timeline until now.

This part is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around… so please bear with me.  Last year Archangel Michael started talking to me about “convergences, confluences, and timelines.  A period on earth where all timelines (forward and past, as well as present) all converged into a single point.  That moment in time, is NOW!  As the all the timelines came together in a single point, all the new energy, new codes were released by our beloved sun.

Changing Every-Thing!

As I got to peer into the days I can’t help but call March 15th thru the 17th, I really had no clue what I was really seeing, I just knew it was massive change, and that I should not be sticking my face into as it changed (smile.)

Even seeing “the new dawn” or the new magnetosphere of energy, nothing within me could really comprehend what was really taking place.

But the questioner within does ask… why now?  Why March?  Why at the vernal equinox.  I am takin back to the end of the hypnosis event of “The Eye of Horus” where the liquid yellow light tube thingie was placed directly in the north field of earth coming out of the south field.

I will just simply share Wikipedia’s understanding of the sun’s movement on this day:   The equinoxes are the only times when the subsolar point is on the Equator. This point (the place on the Earth’s surface where the center of the Sun can be observed exactly overhead) crosses the Equator moving northward at the March equinox and crosses the Equator moving southward at the September equinox.

On my side of the world, it is spring, on the other side of the world, fall has begun.  So of course it had to be now… during March!!  The reason it is happening at all is because enough human consciousness have aligned to and participating within the fullness of the incoming energy.

I find it interesting too… from Wikipedia’s exact time of when the equinox’s and solstices take place.  The much talked about timeline, December 21st, 2012 the solstices happens at UT 11:11.  Doesn’t that just give you chills of excitement!  Our spring came in at UT 5:14 (5=change, 1= new beginnings, 4-cycle of completion on earth, the 1+4=5, more change… all together they are a 10, new beginnings with 0=unlimited potentals.)

So what really happened??

The first day I got to look inside that new mirror/rainbow orb we have set around this earth called the magnetosphere… it is from that place all the timeline converged into one place… earth.  All those straightness of energy represent every timeline, every energy vibration through all of earths history (past, present, future.)

The pink energy, the pure loving passion of Creation is being distributed equally now in every conceivable direction!

For those still attached to previous timelines, this gives the pure potential of instant healing.  Instant pure love playing a song on your energy.  Unless of course, you are still digging into old wounds… then, it just creates an infection.

We can look at the world stage and see how many people have got a death grip on the old energy, the timelines which really no longer exist any longer… pushing away all the new energy and doing all they can to hang onto duality consciousness.

Earth’s street cleaners are gearing up for action.  The new energy is already flooding the earth.  First energetically… and then, thru the element of water.  There is nothing more cleansing, more energizing than the waters of the earth, coupled by those crazy winds of change!!  To Be the fully awakened dreamer is crucial!!

Now here is something to think about and feel within for anyone who received (and remembers) their readings for this year.  When your energy showed up on what I had called the “orbital field” that was just outside the “field”… it is YOU who are doing the work of this new magnetosphere.  You are actively stringing all the timelines together, so no aspect is left out as the acceleration of it All increases with each passing day.

When you allow yourself to be even slightly conscious of what that means to you, you can really facilitate this energy in the field of created matter called Your Life!!

This really is the Time when the Dreamer must be Awake within the dream.  If we are still wiping the sleep out of our eyes, then caution is at hand.   Tremendous caution!!

The energy of this mirrored magnetosphere is the energy vibration of the 9th dimensional attributes of life.  9 is a cycle of completion, which always gives birth to a cycle of new beginnings.  Again, as duality slips into oneness, the ending and beginning are happening simultaneously… if you let it!!

As we let go (or get ripped from our hands) of the survival instincts of our previous nature… we find a very different way to live on earth.  Thru the heart of loving service.  If you do not understand the fullness of that internal change… you will!  One way or another.

As the new magnetosphere became etched into our energetic reality, something really intense started happening to our bodies.  For me personally, it was the most intense energetic drain I have felt, I think quite possibly, ever.  I find it really interesting that this energetic drain within me, had me hosting guests for the first time here in Heaven!!  I was a really crappy, groggy host!

From what I understand today, all of my own energy field was completely changed out.  Completely.

Imagine every extension chord you had charging every part of your life, completely removed, and new chords started being placed… all I could do was sit on my chair and yawn.  The only time I had any remote psychic capacity was watching Gregg Braden talk about heart energy, and watching that crazy yoga video.  Other than that… nadda, no psychic wire in my field for use.

But then again, there are absolute times where we should be sharing outwards (our understandings) or consuming energy drinks from the field (integrating all that we have understood, even scatteredly, thru now.)   Let me tell ya, those energy drinks does not produce more energy in the physical body (quite the opposite really) but expands the consciousness into a cohesive understanding.  All previous conscious fragments now form a whole.)

Now going thru that is one thing… understanding what it means to you personally… very, very, very important!!  We have a tendency to go thru life using the “don’t ask, don’t tell” motto!!  Not very wise!!  consciousness it the very key to this game change!!  If you do not know what your doing, how on earth can you do it wisely?

Yesterday, I really started to understand that my entire field of life has been plowed…. again!!  My own path of life is about to change… again!

I was sitting watching my grandson on TV, via uploaded videos on my you-tube channel.  I could feel something in my heart shift.  I mean really, really feel the shift… to the point of my own surprise.

That feeling in the heart.  That very same feeling that brought me to this land I call Heaven… was now emitting a very, very strong signal of being in the life of my grandson again… in Virginia!!

We humans (well, this one especially) has way of looking at things as “either or” and I knew what I felt, I knew the truth of what I felt… and instantly I was torn. I love my life in New Mexico as much (tho differently) as I love signing to my grandson and watching him dance with joy.

I instantly started to mourn New Mexico… the Guardians, the potential I really thought was unfolding here.

Thank God for Archangel Michael… he interrupted my programming (phew) to say I can have both.  I could see being with my son, daughter and grandson in Virginia, and all the joy and growth that goes with that and equally, being here in New Mexico, with my family as well.

I didn’t only see it… I felt it.  I cried even.

I seen the potential of Faywood happening.  A rebuilding of a life that no longer needs to be either or… but a pure merging, balancing of it the fields of Love and Joy!  With others who are here to be in Loving Service to the All.

We are the New Humans.  We can have it all as it serves the loving alliance of the All.

Our Gardens have been tilled and planted with new seeds.  The liquid energy of our hearts will water and grow our new lives.  As all things of duality merge (spring here, fall there)… The Harvest is equally underway!!  Our feet, completely aligned with the heart will produce all the energy for the fulfillment of our hearts greatest desires!!

Anything discordant will automatically be cleared away!!

To all the Cinderella’s (yes, even you men) the Pumpkin Coach is NOW at your doorway!!  Let’s ride!!!

Happy dancing with one foot in Virginia and One foot in New Mexico… energetically I can do that crazy yoga pose!!! (grin)

To my brothers and sisters with flowers in their eyes… WE have brought Shambhala to Life!!  Happy Dancing within our heart fields….

Wiggle wiggle….

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