Visionkeeper – Where Did We Go Wrong? – 23 March 2012

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Oh I’d love to just lay down and forget about everything going down in the world today. It is endless and exhausting and frustrating. What happened to the days when life just seemed to float along without worry? Now everything is flipped upside down on its ear  and nothing makes sense any longer. How in God’s name did we get here? It is a question we best all be asking of one another because if we don’t find the answer and face our part in this tragedy we will not learn a very important lesson. We wish to reach 5D soon, but we haven’t settled out with 3D yet! We can’t just expect to move on into the rapture of 5D until we face what we are asking to leave behind. How in the world did we get to where we are today? We all played a part in it one way or the other, we have to face up to it, own it, wear it, and understand it, before we can just walk away from it all.

Granted there is some high trickery involved that we could not be expected to know or understand like mind control and they have been using it for a very long time now. They change our moods, alter our thoughts, they use it to get us to buy things, to want things, to act certain ways. All pretty much for profit and control. Being trusting humans why in the world would we think our Government would do these things to us? But there are also the  basics involved that we should have been aware of. We became lazy as more and more gadgets were invented to make life easy. In doing this we also allowed ourselves to become dependent upon the outside which eventually led to our slavery. Could or should we have seen this ? Good question we need to find the answers for! We stopped asking questions of our leaders and just gave them the key to the world and said here, you do it while I go play golf. We allowed ourselves to be led down a false road. Should we have known?

We placed our kids into schools and said okay, you teach them and take care of them while I work. We got sucked inside our television sets and stopped paying close attention to what they were learning all the while they were being brainwashed and molded into beings that could be used by the dark ones just like we have been used. Worked until we no longer have a life, told how and what to think, over-run with rules and limitations. Here we were being pulled deeper and deeper into our cushy prison all the while believing the lie that we are the best country in the world. Really? Knowing what we know now about what our government has been up to I’d have to question that. The people are fantastic and our country is beautiful in many ways but home of the free, liberty and justice for all? NO!!

This has been the trick of all tricks upon the American people! Put them all in prison and convince them they are free. Put them all to sleep, over feed them, drug them out and work them to death and somehow we think we are free? What is wrong with this picture? This is sheer insanity! Where and how did we go wrong?  It seemed to begin with us allowing ourselves to be swayed into believing things and not standing our ground. We all were told amazing lies that divided us all into groups and pitted us against one another. Why was that okay or normal? Why did we not stick together and refuse to accept this? Why did we believe the lie of needing more to make us better people, more important, or worthy? Why would we even want to play the game of keeping up with the Joneses? Why did we not feel whole as we were and see each other as equals?

Have we even begun searching for these answers before we try to head out for 5D? Are we facing what we have done or running away from it all? I think we need to begin to look for these answers and settle it all out within before we ask to move forward. It is not our nature to leave things undone and so we should not expect to do so now. Yes we are all busy trying to survive on the experimental planet of duality, but we are not so busy we can’t make time to figure out where we went wrong and correct the problems. Yes basically it is a case of the dark ones taking over control of the planet, but they couldn’t have done it if we didn’t allow it in some way. What way? There is just something so way out of whack with this whole scenario but nobody is asking why, what or how, just like with 9-11. The questions need to be asked and answered, lest we should ever end up in this same situation again somewhere down the road.

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