Visionkeeper – Where Am I? – 24 March 2012

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As we float and bounce around between dimensions these days, do you ever wonder Where am I? We seem to be neither here nor there yet everywhere. We no longer have anchors to throw out in any one location. It’s as if we became like kites flying about depending on the wind or energies to carry us long wherever that may be. This requires a great deal of trust in both ourselves and in the universe. Trust seems to be the optimal word in this ascension process we are undertaking today. You can’t change or shift or become a new being entirely without trust. Seems like trust is an area we best be working hard to feel secure in. We have a great deal to do, all of which demands our trust that the universe will provide for us and what we are thinking and doing is as it should be.

I don’t know about you but I have a definite problem with trust brought about by my own typical dysfunctional childhood, but also because of what has been done to humanity! We have been led into a life of illusion and lies, we can’t believe anything anymore, therefore how can we trust? We must! We must look beyond the criminality of what has occurred and see the truth in our creator and mother earth and her creatures and all the aspects of life that are true, that are believable and we can trust. If we can’t trust our creator or the universe then why the heck are we here at all?

So how do we begin to trust? Good question. Usually we gain trust when we can see results in the things we are being asked to believe and trust in. You know, like a new law for instance, we are asked to believe it is good for us but we wait to see if it really is by how our lives are impacted. We were able to see quite quickly the Hopey Changey Thingy wasn’t working out for any of us. How then do we gain trust in something we cannot even see or touch? We are being asked to believe that we are in the middle of a dimensional shift, that we are headed for 5D, that we will be free at last when the battle smoke blows away and the dust settles. Will that be true? Can we trust it?

Well if we are observant and sensitive to life we can certainly feel change taking place. All the lies being uncovered, the global unrest and the common desire for change are all signs that yes indeed change is underway. But how do we trust it is indeed for the betterment of mankind? That is a bit trickier. It all boils down to the way we think and the power of our thoughts.

It is scientifically proven that the power of our thoughts create the reality in which we live. So given that fact, we must therefore believe if we change our thoughts to concentrate on what we desire it will come to pass, it’s a done deal. That is why I struggle everyday to get a post out to keep reminding people of the importance of what they do with their thoughts, how we can create a great change, and how we go about doing it. We need enough people in the world seeing a positive change for us all to get the mass consciousness powerful enough to initiate the change. The power of mass consciousness is huge and we need to use it wisely!

As our energies shift and we begin to speed up trying to stay in sync with the speed mother earth is going, manifesting is now happening much more quickly for many people, instantly for some further along. It is up to each of us to use our thoughts to manifest what we wish for the world and the more of us doing this, the faster the manifestation of change and the faster the manifestation of change, the more our trust begins to build. Let me remind you right now if you are watching the nightly news of lies you will never see the changes taking place right under your nose. Back away from the propaganda machine and you will begin to see the signs of new life sprouting up all over and smiles on the faces of the people who have disengaged themselves and are now creating the world they wish to live and be free in.

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One response to “Visionkeeper – Where Am I? – 24 March 2012

  1. Beautiful Visionkeeper, I love your true words, you give me a a lot of inspiration. Your right about all the negative and brainwash with TV,that why I don’t listen to the news.We as humans defiently have the power to pro-create with our thoughts,that were the I am kick in. Keep up with your fantastic work about our future.
    Lots of Love and Light !…Anthony,