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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 26 March 2012

Think of the people of your planet as midwives, coming together to assist with the birth of your new world. Many of you have come from distant star systems and even galaxies, and you are here now at this time to do whatever it is you do to assist in this birthing. You are asked to do certain tasks to assist in this process, and nothing you are asked to do is detrimental in any way to your society. Everything you are asked to do is in the name of the light, and nothing you are asked to do supports in any way the darkness and their agenda. This you can be confident in knowing as you go forth on your missions to restore love and light to this world. This is the basis for your mission here, and although we have many shared goals and tasks we must accomplish, at the root of our purpose here together is to bring this world back to the path of light where she rightfully belongs.  Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Remarkable Changes Coming – 26 March 2012

Even though the “Big Top” hasn’t come to town yet, our sources are telling us more and more as time passes about  how the energy is rising and what grand events in consciousness and in the world are either here or in the offing.

SaLuSa said in a general vein in early February that “you have done so well in bringing the Light into your lives, and anchoring it upon Earth. So much so that the mass consciousness levels have been increasing exponentially, and will continue to do so. You are well on course to complete this cycle with Ascension, and it is in accordance with the Divine Plan.” (1) Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive: Greek Governemnt Robbed Public Institutions To Complete Bond Swap – 26 March 2012

“But Lucas my dear, if you run out of poor people, you can always steal from the sick”


Lisa Gawlas – Becoming Human – 26 March 2012

On September 22nd, 2001, I had the pure privledge in being in the first ever Life Between Life class held by the very author of “Journey of Souls” and Destiny of Souls,” Michael Newton, PhD.   I consumed both of those books and every part of my heart wanted that experiece.  I wanted to know who I was in spirit.  Hell, I spent most of this life trying to get out of this body and go back Home…. only to constantly be kicked back to earth! Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Over 200 Senior Bankers Arrested Last Week As New Financial System Goes Online – 26 March 2012

The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 26 March 2012

I am here today with some pressing news. Today is a day filled with unprecedented events. First we are taking the liberty to welcome many of your political and financial leaders to our ships. We are to see to it that they are interspersed throughout the solar system on various places of life where we have bases and means of comfort. We will be interviewing these people and will take charge of the means by which they are told to be in readiness for what is to come for them. They will be given the choice as to whether to come to a different way of seeing things and their interaction with all of you, or to be taken to other places to begin their reassignments to their return to themselves, at the deepest core of their being. Continue reading

eClinik – Massive Arrests Have Started 2.0 – The Clergy – 26 March 2012

We are all looking forward to massive arrests of bankers worldwide. Why not? They are the breed that sucked everybody to their last penny. Labeling them as Toxic Collective is simply not enough. But even then, they are not the greatest scums there is. The bankers pale in comparison to the Men in Robes. Instead of working behind desks inside fully air-conditioned rooms, they are at the heart of the community… But first, we must discharge this one right off…

Read more including example list: http://www.eclinik.wordpress.com link to original article first published 24 March 2012.

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 26 March 2012

Ho-hum, just another week of sweating the small stuff on Spaceship Earth? Not likely! While for some March has been quiet and constructive, for the rest of us it brought about heightened responsibility and soul growth/infusion. More depth revelation could attempt to steer you toward frustration, anger, tightness, and friction as March comes to a close. Strive for serenity to avoid falling into a temporary stupor of disharmony and discontent. Remain sensitive to your cosmic contract of becoming multidimensional during this ascension cycle to avoid feeling the sway of the Universe is beyond your control. Continue reading

Tyler Durden -The First Crack: $270 Billion In Student Loans Are At Least 30 Days Delinquent – 26 March 2012

Lucas: a new bubble waiting to burst and crash in hard is on the way : Student Loans.


Back in late 2006 and early 2007 a few (soon to be very rich) people were warning anyone who cared to listen, about what cracks in the subprime facade meant for the housing sector and the credit bubble in general. They were largely ignored as none other than the Fed chairman promised that all is fine (see here). A few months later New Century collapsed and the rest is history: tens of trillions later we are still picking up the pieces and housing continues to collapse. Yet one bubble which the Federal Government managed to blow in the meantime to staggering proportions in virtually no time, for no other reason than to give the impression of consumer releveraging, was the student debt bubble, which at last check just surpassed $1 trillion, and is growing at $40-50 billion each month. However, just like subprime, the first cracks have now appeared.

You can read the whole  story at  http://www.zerohedge.com link to full original article first published 25 March 2012.

UFO Report – UFO Above Himalayas 25 March 2012 – 26 March 2012

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