Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 26 March 2012

Ho-hum, just another week of sweating the small stuff on Spaceship Earth? Not likely! While for some March has been quiet and constructive, for the rest of us it brought about heightened responsibility and soul growth/infusion. More depth revelation could attempt to steer you toward frustration, anger, tightness, and friction as March comes to a close. Strive for serenity to avoid falling into a temporary stupor of disharmony and discontent. Remain sensitive to your cosmic contract of becoming multidimensional during this ascension cycle to avoid feeling the sway of the Universe is beyond your control.

Until recent times you have driven and pushed yourself to keep up with an accelerating world. Energetic events and unfoldments have been occurring with significant velocity as you set to launch your consciousness into a new system of dimensional awareness. Now comes the time when the process gets to morph into an easier, more natural state of existing. After this latest cycle, which wrapped up in earnest on the Spring Equinox, connecting to, downloading and transitioning into higher levels of your multidimensional self can simply be the norm without much concentrated thought or effort toward it.

This is good news because the events ahead for planet earth are going to be so dramatic, so all-encompassing that, if the 3D reference is all you know, you will really be terrified. However if you have been one of the souls who can see the “bigger picture” view and understand that an invisible transformation is taking place within and upon our home environment then you will be anchored and able to go about your day-to-day tasks calmly. Sure, sometimes you’ll doubt, and sometimes you’ll see as clear as day but what’s different is that you’ll always trust that this is the process as we continue to expand.

For a few thousand years humanity has lived in a dualistic reality, which allowed for the experience of third dimensional life. Now as we travel through the galactic center of the universe and reality shifts to a more omniversal experience, we enter into an existence that will not identify separation. As we claim our fifth dimensional abilities we all become more intuitive, telepathic, unconditioned, and in touch with our true inherent essence. For most of you reading these words, this is very good news! For many others, it is a very fearful and chaotic time because it means that they will be exposed if they are attempting to control, deceive, conquer, or manipulate.

As mentioned earlier, the Spring Equinox opened a portal through which you may step to freedom. Let me give caution though concerning the manner in which you have designed this most important stage of your awakening. On the surface, it will seem that what I tell you is both obvious and inconsequential, especially when measured next to the many trials and problems that bombard a person everyday on planet earth.

Part of the mechanism that binds together the 3D world is a “blocking” from your consciousness the full representation of all you are and all you (Self) are doing. Since 3D is a “defined territory” – there is just not room for the entire Self here. Until now your focus of Self has been a very limited view. As the solar system rotates the grand procession of planets into a livelier stellar village we are granted a potent crystalline infusion of energy that allows you to feel more of that Self.

As that result is produced for you in full manifestation, “issues” will surface. Hint: Surprises and unsettled conditions are the usual Earth itinerary for spiritual evolution. As the incoming energies become quicker for the next vibrational shift allow yourself to have the “me time” you desire. Be patient and listen to your Inner Brilliance and problem solving genius as mass consciousness processes the karmic debt patterns tied to being enslaved from self realization. Most of all listen to the directives from your body and do what it tells you it needs.

If you are feeling any kind of energy drain or physical exhaustion from the earlier aspects of the month I would advise meditating for guidance as you journey into anchoring the high, high crystalline freedom energy into the bones, blood and nervous system of your physical vessel. As your Soul soars to luxuriate in higher fifth dimensional atmospheres of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm your earth vessel has to jettison what would hold you back. Take care of it.

On those days when you feel you are spinning out of control or a bit spacey simply use a “cube” as an energetic stabilizer. Use your imagination to place a cube under your feet or take a couple of moments and breath into your vertical tube (prana tube of energy that runs the length of your spine) passing a cube up and down within it. My guides are also saying that we can use the essential oil of rose geranium for it is a sacred balancer.

The illusion between physical and consciousness is closing. You are physical/matter intermingling with Spirit/Light. You are an interaction where the observer influences the outcome so welcome the change, or shift. Be open to meeting active energies this week. As the week progresses create an intention of consciousness to be an interactive force field of Soul awareness that activates an alignment with the etheric freedom rays that are beaming into your multidimensional first and seventh chakras.

The last week of the month is a period of dedicated, calculated movement. The guides say we must follow nature and make certain that the expanded energies we now generate are grounded, anchored and fertile before we move onward or forward with any creation. A good practice would be to create ritual with all new endeavors. Consciously creating and choosing with a renewed reverence will put you in alignment with the Infinite. In doing so you will be tapping into and using skills from within your Ancient Self.

Keep your eyes focused on the mountain top, as you stay centered within the God power of the moment and you will not be set apart from your Light. You have the potential to become physically vibrant, emotionally fulfilled, mentally aware, financially abundant and spiritually en-Lighten-ed. It is your Divine Birthright to experience your life’s journey in the physical realm to the fullest. You were designed to savor and enjoy life each day with passion, to experience physicality with full awareness and conscious intensity.

Surrender to your needs at hand and nurture yourself through the process my friends,

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article

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