Ann Albers – Message From The Angels – Be Open To God’s Plans – 26 March 2012

In every moment of your lives, the presence of God’s love is coordinating the actions of each and every soul on your planet. Can you imagine that if everyone listened to their hearts in every moment, you would be in a dance that was so beautifully orchestrated it would take your breath away. Relationships would shift and you would all find yourselves in communities of those of like mind and like heart. Everyone would find their own piece in the beautiful puzzle of life. All needs would be met, as would be guided to give, and some guided to receive in turn. The flow of God’s love would be unobstructed and would increase in vibration until there would be no distinction between heaven and earth.

So by all means, make your plans and intend what it is you wish to create, but also remain open to the small movements of your heart that may seem unrelated to your dreams and goals, for in truth everything is related. Every movement in your heart, be it a desire for major change in your life, or a desire for lunch, is really a movement towards love. Each time you listen to these little whispers in your heart you are cooperating with the love that synchronizes all of creation. God moves the stars in the heavens and like the human brain seeks to coordinate all aspects of the human body at any given time, the Divine presence seeks to coordinate all aspects of the human race at any given time. Like nervous signals sent to the cells, firing constantly with new awareness of the body’s needs, so too angels are sent out to guide every human being at every moment, in a great and beautiful dance of love.

So listen to the whispers in your heart, and join the dance of creation as it unfolds, one moment at a time. link to original article  first published 24 March 2012.

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