Stephen Cook – Ashtar Visitors – What We Saw – 26 March 2012

Anthony and I often head outside on a clear night to go looking for our Galactic friends; taking up our positions lying on the outdoor barbecue table, faces up to the sky.

While I have had two, inspiring close-up sightings in previous years – one, a totally transparent silver/rainbow oval “bubble” that circled in front of me before whisking up and away at tremendous speed at 5.15am one morning; and a second, a bright orange orb that slowly sailed over the ocean at 2am, right  in front of the bedroom window of the beachfront place we were house-sitting at the time, waking us up – we regularly spot what we call “travellers”. Our “travellers”  are usually way, way “up there”, zipping around. But often we will get a “hello flash” as they pass over.

Following Greg Giles’ Ashtar Command message last week that the lights were to be turned on, we have been rather excited as to what we could see.

Friday night, after a few “hello flashes” from various parts of the sky, we got to see what must have been an Ashtar Command ship. White lights on and red lights flashing as it sped – and I mean sped! – across the sky; travelling from north to south.

Not as close to us on the ground and slow as the one seen here at the beginning of this video from the UK, but nevertheless the same. We expect there will be many, many more soon. Can’t wait!

Uploaded by on 21 March 2012 link to original article with video first published 25 March 2012.


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