Visionkeeper – Shifting Energies – 27 March 2012

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Can you feel the change in the air? It is blowing all around us and everything keeps shifting and morphing into new ways of being. Love is such a powerful emotion. When it gets in under your skin life becomes so different. I’m not talking about lovey dovey kind of love, although that kind is pretty nice too, but I am talking about being moved to tears and being over taken by emotions. Everything seems so heightened right now it doesn’t take much to shed a tear over just about anything. We are regaining our abilities to feel again, to sense the rightness and wrongness in things from the heart not the mind. Everything seems to be coming from the heart now and hopefully things will stay this way and we will have left behind our callous ways, hardened by all the war and hate and killing we have been spoon fed for so long now. Once you disconnect from the media horror and you begin to feel again, it is shocking to think how you were before.

Energy is radiating off of everything. The solar flares when they came in non-stop in the earlier part of this month made the air seem electric with energy. It felt almost like walking around in a world of  static electricity. Our messaging came to us riding upon the currents delivered by the sun. All kinds of new energy coding, DNA changes all came pummeling at us from the cosmos. Our bodies have been going through major adjustment periods trying to adapt to the new frequencies and the molecular changes going on within. We  are no longer as we were before as human beings. We have begun the shift to our new ways of being, rewired like a new computer ready for high-speed and beyond. Who knows what we will all be capable of doing once all is said and done.

What do you suppose is going on with the wildlife and environment as well? If we are changing dramatically into new beings, surely they must be as well. As we become more closely connected to ourselves again perhaps we will gain the ability of communicating with them all and understand the conversation. Forever we have been taught to believe a rock is a dumb rock, a tree is a tree. Are they really? We have been lied to about everything else, why not about that as well. They are living creatures with brains on some level. We have also been taught that if brains aren’t as big as humans they are not intelligent and thinking beings. Who laid down those rules? Who has been inside the thinking mind of an animal or tree to really know that answer for sure. Perhaps they know far more than we do. We have no earthly idea what they are thinking.

Look at all the animals before earthquakes and tsunami’s. They were all up the hill and away from danger long before the danger struck because they sensed the danger coming. We could as well if we weren’t disconnected from our senses. We think with our brains and forget the rest and as a result we can no longer fine tune our senses to our advantage. So who is smarter in that case? The littler brains survived while the bigger brains perished beneath the waves of the tsunami. That pretty much speaks for itself I’d say. I think in the near future we will begin to unravel the mysteries of all the lies we have been made to believe throughout our lifetimes and life will take on a whole new meaning.

Look at the reality of how little a percentage of our brains we use and the rest just sits there doing I don’t know what. So don’t tell me size determines how bright we are. I would venture to guess as these energies from the sun blew into us all they began to rewire our brains as well allowing us to open up our minds to whole new areas of our brains that we have never used before. It stands to reason in the very near future we will be using our skills to telepathically communicate with one another over far distances. There are people already using this ability and live this way all the time. Look up the Kogi’s on the internet and you will begin to see we are capable of being so much more than what we have been allowed to be.

The solar flares continue and as a result further information continues to rearrange our bodies and minds readying us all for the shift to fifth dimension. This is a wonderful time for all of us to practice what we are learning about living in our hearts so we are proficient at it when the time finally comes. There are many challenges still trying us all here in 3D, but we are managing to continue to love and forgive and share compassion despite this. We are succeeding in staying centered and we all should be praising ourselves and others for our efforts. We are close to the finish line, don’t stop now, the world needs us all to bring the light and peace to the planet.

Blessings to you all….

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