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Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 28 March 2012

We would like to revise history here, and that is the purpose of our mission. There were events in your past that saw the destruction of an entire continent and millions of lives lost in this catastrophe. It is our intention to replay this event, but this time we wish to achieve a different outcome. This is the basis for our presence here in you world, and as we move forward more of what we intend to do will be revealed to you. As more information is shared with you, you will understand better your reasons for being here as well. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Embezzlement Update – Slogpost Vindicated By Athens News Report – 28 March 2012

From Athens News:

‘Six of the country’s universities say they face immediate closure after the recent bondswap reduced their assets to zero. An emergency meeting of university rectors on Tuesday heard that only 33m euros remained of 120m euros that 17 Greek universities had deposited with the Bank of Greece for their operating expenses, while six university accounts were now completely empty meaning they would soon be unable to stay open.’ Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light -The Divine Dialogue -28 March 2012

Stillness precludes order.

As you revise your lifestyle to liberate greater well-being and also open to your inner guidance, you spend more time in stillness, discovering the way in which this creates coherence and synchronicity to your path and activity.  The ease you experience as a result of this time spent in stillness is significant.  It is as if you do less and more happens.  It is because you are taking the time to be in stillness and synchronize, attune your energy to the energy of all that is.  In this harmonious vibration, you are all-knowing.  Although you may not feel as if you suddenly become the old-wise one, the truth is you then know all that is relevant and useful to you in that moment.  So in essence you have all that you need and can proceed with clarity and coherence underlying your action.  Creating your life in this way is a great blessing and it is the joy-filled pathway that many of you long for.  It feels empowered and graceful.  Coming forth into being from this stable, centered stillness, you are also more available to life itself as it exists in your world. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaele – The Acturian Group – It Is Time Now – Get To Work – 28 March 2012

Dear ones,

We are here to encourage you to have patience. We see your discouragement when nothing seems to change, but let us assure you that much is changing. You are not aware of all that is transpiring behind the scenes. Try not to be discouraged or hold preconceived concepts of how events must unfold, simply allowing the process while letting go of any beliefs you may still be holding about how the process must manifest. All is proceeding according to plan and all is perfect. Continue reading

Wes Annac – We Hardly Know A Thing – 28 March 2012

Gaia is beautiful

After a recent discussion with the always beautiful and Loving Archangel Michael (1), Steve Beckow has reached the assessment that we truly do not know very much about our Star Families and about our Angelic Guides and allies alike (2). As has been expressed, we have fashioned the very ideas of these beings in our own image based on what we expect a being to look and act like, and to please us in an effort to aide us in so very many different time periods, our Angelic Guides have taken on forms that we would expect and understand better. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Vibrational Field Of DNA And Desire – Part 1 – 28 March 2012

Just when I thought (hoped) I was done writing (downloading) about DNA and I stare at my computer screen waiting for the information to flow all I can see are these spirally things sticking out of a body.  I touched on these in one of my posts (I think the first one about the three phases of DNA) it seems we are going to understand this further!! Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Don’t Water The Seedlings – 28 March 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

As we zoom along on our journey into the light, most of the time we forget(thankfully) to even think about the dark and what they are up to. While in most situations this is a good thing, I feel it is imperative to also keep an eye open on them as well. They are not only going about the world wreaking havoc and causing major disruption and destruction, they are very busy planting all of their evil seeds of darkness in whatever plot of empty land they can find, namely schools! Their thinking is to get to the children and alter their minds while they are young. Program them not to be like or listen to their parents, teach them to hate and divide and conquer the world, steer them towards military brainwashing and begin to shut down their minds and take control while their minds are still soft and pliable. They carefully till the soil and plant their seeds and get the kids themselves to water and tend to them creating their growth! This is a situation where we must keep our eyes wide open and be active in protecting our children while there is still time to save them and reconnect them back to love. Continue reading

John Ward – The EU’s Answer To A Mountain It Calls A Molehill: Pretend The Molehill Is A Mountain – 28 March 2012

When my devotions could not pierce thy silent ears, then was my heart broken, as was my verse. My breast was full of fears and disorder.          My bent thoughts, like a brittle bow, did fly asunder: Each took his way; some would to pleasures go, some to the wars and thunder                              Of alarms. From ‘Denial’ by George Herbert

As David Coleman would’ve said, “Thursday is the Big One”. At that eurozone FinMin’s summit, push meets shove in the face of a Germany desperate not to get exposed, an ECB desperate to inflate away debt, a Brussels desperate to make taxpayers the final debt guarantor,  and a US down-and-dirty desperate not to let contagion hit its shores. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Like The Tides Of The Ocean – 28 March 2012

Welcome change in life. You do not have to resist change. Changes could be old hat for you by now, for life on Earth is filled with change.

Sometimes in your life, it is as if you get on a horse, and then you rein in the horse so he stands still. You don’t get very far that way, so I say again, welcome change in life. Welcome the changes you want, and welcome the changes you don’t want. Be neutral to change. Sometimes change comes in disguise. Remember this: despite your opinion about change, despite your appraisal that some changes are good and others are not, all change furthers your growth. Every change brings you closer to Vastness. Continue reading

John Ward – Hackgate Day 442 : NewCorp, A Company Built On Illegal Privacy Invasion – 28 March 2012

For Rupert was an humble man

That Newscorp has been using various hacking and blagging methods globally to do far more than create celeb stories seems finally to have been nailed this week. Monday night’s revelations about activities with NDS in the UK were followed last night by a similar expose in Australia. Continue reading