Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light -The Divine Dialogue -28 March 2012

Stillness precludes order.

As you revise your lifestyle to liberate greater well-being and also open to your inner guidance, you spend more time in stillness, discovering the way in which this creates coherence and synchronicity to your path and activity.  The ease you experience as a result of this time spent in stillness is significant.  It is as if you do less and more happens.  It is because you are taking the time to be in stillness and synchronize, attune your energy to the energy of all that is.  In this harmonious vibration, you are all-knowing.  Although you may not feel as if you suddenly become the old-wise one, the truth is you then know all that is relevant and useful to you in that moment.  So in essence you have all that you need and can proceed with clarity and coherence underlying your action.  Creating your life in this way is a great blessing and it is the joy-filled pathway that many of you long for.  It feels empowered and graceful.  Coming forth into being from this stable, centered stillness, you are also more available to life itself as it exists in your world.

Your innate relationship to life on earth.

As you begin to realize the divine sentience, the awareness that is shared, that flows into and through all life on Earth you begin to remember even more.  You enlarge your sense beyond your own purpose for being here now and you begin to remember that which you intended to foster, to care for, protect and look after.  This includes all other beings and the planet, and all life upon it.  The God of all Gods, the Light of all Lights flows into every living thing in your world and as you begin to recall this and look upon the world with this knowing, the world will open up to you.

There has long been an ongoing conversation between all plants and animals the wind and the rivers and the humans on your planet.  These are familiar energies to you, and this is why being in nature feels so good to all of you.  As you open yourself more fully to the dialogue that is there when you are in nature you will realize it is more than balancing your energy, it is informing you.  As you approach your presence in nature with this knowing, you can peel back yet another layer of perceptions veil, and you can begin to participate in the consciously in this conversation once more.

The reunion of yourself with the living world around you is will fill some of the deepest longings in your human experience.  More than anything, in human life one benefits and experiences joy through connection.  This is followed closely by self-expression.  And naturally preceded by self-knowing and self-love.  All of these aspects of experience are relevant and important at this time and if you wish to be happy.  So it is with great confidence in your thriving that we encourage you to expand your relationship with nature and to do so from and in stillness.

The world can animate the experience of unity for you.

Let nature teach you.  Let nature guide you.  Let nature soothe your fears and get to know the specific elements of nature which present themselves to you.  Like the synchronistic meetings that happen when you go get a cup of coffee of shop for food, what animals and plants, insects and birds you encounter, what land you happen to spend time in, or feel drawn to–all of this has meaning.  Each of these forms of life experiences, as you do, a unique flow of Divine Light and carries energetic qualities that are radiant and informative of the whole.  Each appears in your experience as a potential ally and friend.  Do you consider the river your friend?  Do you consider the spider in your shower as an ally in your struggle to find a new job?  We kid you not, there is relevant, useful and highly practical information within these life-forms if you would but slow down and allow yourself to believe!  Be still and present to them and engage in a conversation.  As you would befriend an animal or a person you have not seen in a while, you may need to pay more attention at the start to sync up, to learn to read their non-verbal cues, to get on the shared wavelength where significant and deep connection and communication can be accessed.

It is entirely natural for you as a species and a being of divine light, to have these connections reinstated.  It is also time in learning to live as love for you to acknowledge the other divine beings around you.  Moving beyond form to identity as wholeness, you realize the true nature of your connection with all things.  To move through life without realizing the presence of life around you is to be disconnected and out of step with your Universe.  The Earth has within it’s orbit many qualities of light and love which are unknown to humans at this time and can only be re-experienced, explored and knowing through entering into a new friendship, a new relationship, a love-filled appreciative exploration of friendship within the natural world.

You will discover as you evolve that each layer of frequency opens you to more layers of connection.  In addition, based on your lineage you will have particular affinities that emerge more strongly.  Each of you in your lives has qualities of being that will affiliate you with certain animals, certain landscapes, kinds of fruit and trees you like, kind of animals and even snakes or bugs you appreciate.  Sounds and smells can orient you here.  What shows up is present for you to relate to, have you not yet considered this oh dear ones?  In the same way that you increasingly realize that the people you meet and those especially who meet your eyes, have come into your experience so that you might share with one another, exchanging energy, helping each other to evolve and discover what you need, such is your relationship to nature.

Live beyond illusions perceived as form.

Did you think when you called forth guidance and support with intent that it would only fall into your lap from the sky?  You increasingly realize that divine light shows up to answer your prayers in the form of other human beings acting as messengers–knowing or unknowing–of divine love.  Why would the messengers who respond to your call be limited to your own form?

Animals and places have oracle qualities.  In the same way that you can speak to your own body to understand discomfort or illness, do you not realize you can call out to your world to share with you that which you cannot see?  To bring forth the experience of connection in a visceral and magical way?  To animate for you, the divine connection within all life and to help you to know in a most real fashion, that everything and you are United in Love?

Open to relating to life in all forms.

Blessed beings, divine light and love flows into all life as One form with many hearts, each listening and tuning to the shared rhythm of all creation, the cosmic pulse of the Omni-mind.  Living with no awareness of the heart of all being is no longer an option for you, for you have remembered, and life is now awaiting the full communion of your presence here on Earth.  Step into a knowing relationship to your world.  Realize that as with all relationships this attention will deepen your connection with time and that depth and relating beyond your current state is available in ways that will astonish and empower you, but most of all give you joy!  Allow yourself to realize that all life is existent of the energy that flows into you and as such is kindred, and family, connected and both available and receptive to collaboration.

Even beyond all of this that we have shared, there is more.  There is great hope in all life that you will reclaim through your complexity and your wisdom, the role of custodian to all life on your Earth.  But in truth it is well known that until you begin to see and feel, the reality of life all around you, it will not occur to you to care for it as you would any other conscious living thing.  And so we begin by alerting you to these dynamics underlying the nature of your experience.  We hope that by doing so you will open yourself more fully to life in all forms.  That you will discover and remember the great joy of diverse means of connection and sharing and that the actualization of life on this living planet will begin to be a reality in your experience.  That in this experience, wholeness as Unity will be a felt, experienced knowing that alters everything that is.

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