Visionkeeper – Don’t Water The Seedlings – 28 March 2012

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As we zoom along on our journey into the light, most of the time we forget(thankfully) to even think about the dark and what they are up to. While in most situations this is a good thing, I feel it is imperative to also keep an eye open on them as well. They are not only going about the world wreaking havoc and causing major disruption and destruction, they are very busy planting all of their evil seeds of darkness in whatever plot of empty land they can find, namely schools! Their thinking is to get to the children and alter their minds while they are young. Program them not to be like or listen to their parents, teach them to hate and divide and conquer the world, steer them towards military brainwashing and begin to shut down their minds and take control while their minds are still soft and pliable. They carefully till the soil and plant their seeds and get the kids themselves to water and tend to them creating their growth! This is a situation where we must keep our eyes wide open and be active in protecting our children while there is still time to save them and reconnect them back to love.

Not only has the mass population been duped and led astray, they have set their eyes on our youth as a way of getting the next population trained ahead of time allowing them less trouble in acquiring their desired goal of dominance. Start ‘em young and they can be molded into whatever their hearts desire and whatever that is, is not good! If we absolutely must send our kids to school, make it a priority to pay close attention to what they are being taught or better yet, not being taught, if we are able to home school all the better. The dark ones are leaving out a lot of information and rewriting history to fit the stories they want them to learn and memorize.

It was bad enough that the adults fell pray to their exquisite tool of domination, the television and the insidious creation of advertising to brainwash the adults to think a certain way, want things a certain way, buy things a certain way. They got the adults hook, line and sinker. We were oblivious to what was happening and walked right into the trap and it sprung shut on us. We became a planet of Stepford Wives. For decades they have been studying the workings of the human mind and how to make it do what they want them to do. We have been lab rats and they have learned well. They know how to present things to us and trigger the desire button, or the hate button or the panic button. They actually studied this and figured it out all the while we were going along for the ride.

This is so evil it is almost more than one can contemplate but we must! We must understand how we got here and even more we must understand what is happening to our children! We must shine our light brightly creating drought and stopping all the seedlings of darkness from sprouting and growing. All morals have been destroyed in this country, anything goes now. Family is obsolete, community is non-existent, caring for others is frowned upon. Systematically all that America stood for has been ground down to dust and tossed into the wind. The children have no solid footing underneath them any longer, nobody worthy to look up to. Our Government is rotten to the core and even the President I believe lies, cheats and kills. Where are the role models to look up to?

The dark ones are going about planting their seeds of darkness everywhere. They are in control of the churches and always have been. What they teach are lies and fear anyway. We know they are planted in Government and our military and now they are planting in our local governments( look up Agenda 21), in our super markets and big box stores. They ooze in the back doors and begin to take over and brainwash yet again like mold growing.

It is like a cancer growing out of control and we must cut it off at its source. We have been had but we can stop it from infecting out children and preventing another generation of darkness from growing and prospering. Kill it at its roots, flood it with light and love and starve it to death with no fear to feed on. Stay alert and awake and reprogram your children’s hearts and minds. They have been turned into machines just like their Ipods and cell phones, programmed, unthinking and without feelings. Reel them back in and teach them love and staying centered in their hearts. Show them by your actions not your words. Be light and love and hopefully they will follow.

Blessings to you all,

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