John MacHaffie – Phoenix Call – World Is Dumping The Dollar Tomorrow – 29 March 2012

(Lucas : This article also was brought to your attention by Kauilapele  –  link to article Kauilapele 29 March 2012. )

Now follows the original article from NESARA – Restore America -Galactic News:

Phoenix Call – World is dumping the dollar tomorrow

You Better listen to the Phoenix call tonight. Its coming down. We are fixing to have a one world currency.

All the Brick Countries are fixing to dump the dollar tomorrow.
The agreement is being signed tomorrow by the bricks
This is really Big People and it means the end of the Dollar and the USA as we have known it. Think about it, nothing is made here any longer. We depend on China for just about everything. We are nothing more than a service economy, dependent on other countries to provide us with all our toys. The Revaluation of currencies will occur after the agreement is signed. The good news is this could happen very fast.                                                  CLICK ON……..                                                              

by John MacHaffie link to original article

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