Steve Beckow – Tying Up Loose Ends On The Neptune Expedition – 29 March 2012

I’m overwhelmed with email at the moment and cannot answer everyone in a timely fashion. It isn’t personal.

I’ve been asked when I’m going to have Grener back on An Hour with an Angel to discuss loose ends from the Neptune expedition. I’m not planning on it quite frankly. I’ve been through a lot of rough and tumble as a result of the postponed expedition, some of it only after I returned to the site, and I think I need a rest, if you don’t mind.

Let me see if I can tie up some loose ends here.

One loose end concerns an exchange I had with Grener in which I characterized “Neptune” as a Greek word and Grener did not correct me that it was (ostensibly) a Latin word. That resulted in some controversy.

The explanation for that is that “Neptune,” to Grener, is neither Greek nor Latin. Both Greek and Latin are apparently based on intergalactic languages. “Neptune” is an intergalactic word. Grener was not thinking of it as either Greek or Latin and in fact was amused that controversy should have arisen on the subject. He had to have the controversy explained to him, as I hear it, before he understood what had happened.

Next loose end. How could the President of the Intergalactic Council be from little local planet Neptune?  But who said he was? There are numerous planets called “Neptune” around the universe. Grener is not from the local planet Neptune and the mothership was not named after the local planet Neptune.

AAM says that Grener was duly educated and chastened by the fact that his attempts at humor, namely in calling the small ships that would pick us up “black limousines” and later “space bikes,” backfired so badly. I have had the message relayed to him to not use humor next time. But of course the critics will not hear this or retract their criticisms so it’s again another episode to learn from and move on.

AAM also asked us to understand that the galactics have been planning to meet us for a long, long time and are as excited as we are at the prospect. Exuberance got the better of them this go-round, which is reflected in their raising the number for the trip to 300, a number that contributed to things getting our of hand. The Boss said he would no more judge the galactics for their burst of excitement than he would judge us for our reactions to the trip.

As I understand it, it was not Grener but his son, Ashira, the actual commander of the mothership, who postponed the trip.  I hear someone immediately say “there are no sons and fathers in heaven.” There are on the dimension that Grener exists on, although from a soul perspective it’s true that they are not father and son.

We still have families on the Fifth Dimension although conception is different and other aspects of birthing and rearing are, I believe, different.

As to what had Ashira nix the trip, all the reasons are not yet in, but my understanding at the moment is that the ways we were reacting made it most likely that nothing enduringly good would come of the trip.

What does that mean? Well, some of us were thinking in terms of possible sexual relations with galactic women; others were thinking of profiting from the trip; others saw it as a way of handling issues in their relationships; etc., etc. Thoughts are things and our thoughts (and I hope you don’t mind me saying this) were somewhat toxic for them.

To say we weren’t creating the right atmosphere would be accurate but putting the matter mildly, apparently. I keep wanting to use an analogy but don’t think I would be very popular if I did.  Just imagine something toxic and how you might react.

That is why I’ve been saying recently that we have much to learn about how to be with galactics. They too have their sensitivities and sensibilities.

On top of this, the security threat, not to us but to others close to us, was too great.

We actually have the instance of two members of the team that worked on the project (the two “scouts”) being surveilled for several days by unmarked vans and cars and one member of the team being hit by an electromagnet pulse weapon which caused her to temporarily lose her memory and her charged-up cellphone to become completely drained. That caused quite a concern in the people who knew about it and sobered us up somewhat.

I was not taken aboard the ships because, as AAM put it, I was at the center of the surveillance operation. The risk would not be to me (I’m protected, apparently) but to someone dear to me.

I’m probably telling the story self-servingly. What is missing from the description is how I bungled the matter too. So just add that in.

There are other aspects of things which are not like they seem, but which I’m required to keep confidential.  As much as I’d like to explain those to you, AAM respects the privacy of the people involved and will not comment on them publicly. You remember that I once asked AAM if George Bush Sr. was born in Germany and he paused and then said, “the individual does not wish me to comment on that.”

So the Company of Heaven respect the universal laws and won’t break them to satisfy us. So don’t necessarily believe all you’ve heard about the Neptune, but the explanations will only come out later on the matters that people want kept private.

You can see that Bob Dean was taken aboard the ships so we have been given that testimony to show that this is not all hocus-pocus. But for the rest we have to wait, apparently, probably until the cabal are totally removed, and take the drubbing in silence that we sometimes get from skeptics and naysayers.

What the Neptune expedition did do was to excite a huge amount of public discussion that flushed up the fact that extraterrestrials exist, they are here around the planet now, they want to meet us, and we want to meet them. I’m told that from this vantage point the affair overall served the public good. And lots of us enjoyed a pretty intense time of looking forward to being on the ships, which was a “trip” in itself. I suppose that’s what we’ll have to nourish ourselves on until the real thing occurs. link to article

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