Visionkeeper – Choosing Paths – 29 March 2012

I am sure for many people just waking up and wondering what is going on, they haven’t got a clue how to figure it all out. It is mind bending and confusing even to all of us who are awake and have been walking this path for a while now. So where to start? I think you have to choose which path you wish to walk down in this lifetime. Who do you wish to be, what do you wish to accomplish, what do you want to give to the world? First you have to decide if you are a giver or a taker. You know by how you live your life. Is it lived for you exclusively or do you live life to make a difference for others? Once you figure out which group you fit into, then you must decide if it makes you happy or if you wish to change. I know, so many questions, but if we don’t ask questions and look for answers, how will we ever really know who we are? So go deep and ask and make friends with yourself.

Those wishing to experience the shift and life in 5D I would imagine are most probably givers. They get joy out of enriching others lives, they respect everyone as equals, they want to see peace in the world and joy on everybody’s faces. They have pretty much chosen their path and besides a bit of tweaking from time to time they know what direction they are headed in and they stay on the path. They are guided by being centered in their hearts not their minds. For all others I would venture to guess they are either devout takers, or takers who somehow want to change but don’t know how. So we have three groups really: Givers, takers and those sitting on the fence. My message then is directed towards the squatters who have one foot in both worlds. Come join us!

Are all your expensive toys and friends in high places and second and third homes dotted about the world really bringing you deep happiness within? Do wealth and parties and having it all really fill the void or only momentarily? You need to ask your self these kinds of questions and be honest with yourself. I know, more questions. Your life is either working for you as it is or it isn’t. Simple as that. If it’s working your life flows effortlessly, things manifest easily and things happen for you. If not you may find yourself trying to swim upstream against a strong current, things are a struggle, loneliness gnaws away at you inside, things are always a challenge. To the latter group I would say it is time to make a change, a shift and start creating the kind of life you do want to be living. It’s out there.

We have been brainwashed into believing that a good life is a life filled with things, a fat wallet and an offshore bank account. Not true. That  may be able to provide you with a certain lifestyle, but does it create deep meaning in your heart, are you helping to make a positive change in someone Else’s life, are you filled with a loving feeling for all of humanity, does life hold deep meaning for you? If not then you are living an unfulfilled life. Those are the very things that give life meaning and purpose and joy. If you don’t wish for such things then by all means you are a taker and that world is where you belong. No judgment in that choice what so ever, we all have a right to live life as we choose. No right or wrong.We are all different and have different needs for we are all at different stages of development.

Okay, so we know the Givers and the takers, now to the squatters. I guess you find joy in the taker lifestyles abundance to a certain degree but even with that abundance you still feel that twinge of little meaning and emptiness. Money unfortunately cannot buy such things. Joy and love and happiness and meaning and direction all come from one place. The heart. If you are not centered in the heart, living life from the heart, then there will always be that niggle of dis-satisfaction that will keep you off-balance. To walk the path of love one must choose to open their heart and let the world in. All beings must be equal, cared about and respected. There is no judgment in the heart for therein begins your struggle. Make a supreme effort to end your judgments and realize all lives have value and are equal. We are all one, we breathe the same air, feel pain and joy, desire a meaningful life of peace.

Whichever path you choose, stick by it and give it all you’ve got. Give it your best and hopefully when it is your time to depart you will have no regrets. Let that be your guideline to live by. Ask yourself often, will I regret doing this or will this bring joy to me and to others. I like to ask myself quite often “Is what I am about to do or think or feel going to make the world a better place”? Whatever you ask, just make sure you answer honestly.

Blessings to you all,

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One response to “Visionkeeper – Choosing Paths – 29 March 2012

  1. Excellent speech!

    This is the only truly important quesiton one can ask oneself in any situation, the only one that has any real meaning (to anyone): ‘Will this bring joy to me and to others’? Since we are here to enJOY our lives as much as possible, material possessions are almost beside the point (though the brainwashed bio-robots may believe otherwise, of course). Deep down, the only reason anybody accumulates material things, friends, homes, video games, movies, lovers, etc., is because they believe that by doing that they will feel more JOY in their lives.

    Also, be careful in generalizing. I offer this: Many (if not most) of the ‘takers’ are NOT rich. Some of them are dirt poor. Leeches and vampires come in all shapes and sizes, you see, and many of them prefer to live 100% off of the energy of others, versus expend their own energies to sustain themselves. This is meant not only in a physical sense, but in an emotional (energetic) sense. The ‘victim mentality’ is rampant in modern society today! This ploy by the ego to suck energy from others (you know, the ‘woe is me’ attitude) is one of the most insidious challenges the human race faces at this critical juncture. Be aware.