Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Travelling Together – 30 March 2012

God said:

When you can just be, and, of course, you can, then you will not know tenseness, anxiety, fear. No longer will they overtake Being. When you can just be, you just are. Being, which is pure consciousness, isn’t under the rule of world propensities. And you are Being. You are under no rule but the rule of love.

It is in the world that tenseness exists. Where could tension exist but in the world? Certainly not in Heaven. Tension is not the purpose of your being.

Be innocent, you have been told. Innocence is Pure Being. Innocence doesn’t look for something. Innocence sees with clear sight, not sight trammeled with fear and demands.

Oh, to be innocent again! Everything has a shine to it, and, you are shining. Your eyes shine. You are the light of God.

Innocent, you are not wrapped up in the past. You don’t look back, and you don’t predict the past to repeat itself, nor do you predict the future as if it were something lying on a shelf that you are to pick up. Innocent, you have let go of the past. You have let the past withdraw its armies. Innocent, you are in green pastures. All is new, or it is new again. Innocent-eyed, you see with the bright light that you are, and you rise in love.

Do not aspire to be blasé, sophisticated, or world smart. You have no idea what innocence can do. Innocence is not a fool. Innocence is like flowing water. Cleverness often creates that which you are clever about. Innocence is Truth. The heart is innocent. The clever mind is calculating. Of course, calculation is what the mind does. The mind estimates, surmises, figures out, is on top of, and, therefore, may compress that which it is on top of. Let not your mind compress your heart.

Clever isn’t desirable. Innocence is. Why do you like babies and baby animals so much? They are innocent and delightful. Be wide-eyed, beloveds.

Why is it that you need acquaintance with Me? You need Me because you need your very Self, and I am your very Self. Attention on Me is attention on Greatness. Attention on Me is not confined to details or outcomes. I am what you are, and this matters. Be innocent and not so adamant about all the temporariness you are adamant about. Attention on what is lasting serves you, serves all.

It is not a chore to put attention on love and givingness and God. I am far more than something you study. Study with the heart, beloveds, and allow your heart the sunshine. Follow your heart to where it takes you. It can only take you to Me which is the core of you. We are One.

Come on vacation with Me, vacation from worry and doubt and debt and all the numerous world matters that the human mind occupies itself with.

Worry not. All is well. And, if in world terms, all is not well, come closer to Me and your own light. Your heart will no longer rise and fall and drop into a cavern of concern where it runs around and forgets its purpose as if it were lost.

No, your heart is to rise and rise, closer to Me, closer to love and peace. Closer to Me, what can your attention be on but love and peace?

Attention on Me is consideration for Me. I am the content of your heart. Come closer to Me, and your heart will be content. I am a magnet of magnificent love, and you, too, the seeming you, are, in truth, the same magnet of magnificent love.

Oh, how We shall travel the world together. link to original article


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