Lee-Anne Peters- Come Out From Those Closed Doors! Come Out Hiding! – 30 March 2012

It’s time… it’s time to come out of hiding. It’s okay out here in this big vast world. It is safe for you to freely be you and to practice your ‘craft.’ Allow yourself to be heard, and step out of the cupboards and onto the stage. The stage is not based on glory, fame or ego – this is your stage, the centre point of your life! The place where you stand tall, while patting yourself on the back and being proud of all you have accomplished, and especially of all of that brilliant work you have been creating behind closed doors.

For years I have been guilty of this! Drawing, writing and creating behind closed doors, only stepping out when I started working online, however still not stepping fully out. For me, I have learned that what I do is perfect for me, in the sense that I don’t need to have validation from anyone. Whether I want to speak in public, walk down the street in the clothes I feel comfy wearing or pinning my business card around the area – I know now that I can do this! When I continue to step further out of hiding amazing things have opened for me, and my self-confidence expands greatly!
What do you do behind ‘closed doors’ because you feel safe there? What do you fear that is outside those closed doors? Maybe attack, punishment or ridicule? Push past the fear, write down how you feel and openly share what you do feel with others who you feel safe to be with. We cannot make a difference in this world if we are trapped behind closed doors in fear of our safety! We MUST be fully living our purpose to co-create this beautiful world many of us envision!
Everyone’s purpose is different and unique, and does not involve a ‘final outcome.’ YOUR purpose is living every moment to its fullest, in your truth and integrity! It is time to wake up, step out of the hiding place and be counted for. THIS is a critical time, these moments are essential to push past your fears and limitations and full reclaim your personal power!
There is a great force of energy behind this right now; step out of hiding, take appropriate steps to heal, let go and reclaim your power.
Are you ready to conquer YOUR world?
Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a passionate Goddess out on the leading edge! Please learn more about Lee-Anne at www.leeannepeters.com

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