Ronin – Why Does Humanity Deserve To Be Saved? – 30 March 2012

Our existence on Earth is fragile. Increase the temperatures a few degrees, lower them the same amount, or throw an asteroid at us, allow the superheated mantle beneath the crust of the Earth to burst forth, and we shall see just how vulnerable we are to the world we live in.

We seem to live in a pre-apocalyptic era. Predictions include several scenarios for the end of the world including galactic alignment, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, a geomagnetic reversal, collision with Nibiru or some other interplanetary object, alien invasion or the Earth being destroyed by a giant supernova. This is just 2012.

Why does humanity as a whole seem so willing to accept the Armageddon as if its our legacy. I share many of the view I see on here of spiritual ascension but I also am of the opinion that time from a measurement point of view is ultimately an convenient (and useful) illusion we have created to provide a deeper understand of the world around us. I live each day with the idea that the next minute may be my last. I live with passion, that is very important to me, but I also live with a humility that there is no safe guard, no special assistance to be rendered if things go horribly wrong for the human species, except potential of humanity itself.

I have strong opinions of such matters. Ultimately I am living my life to the fullest while I have it, I try see past the counterfeit and I battle with my ego everyday that alone makes me believe that life is precious and that as humans we have the potential realise our true nature. To me unity is not just about being on the same “wavelength” but our ability to create rather than destroy, lead not just follow, come together because of differences as much as similarities. Ask yourself this, (I ask you to humour the restrictive and simplified nature of this question) in your final moment on earth you had to decide the nature of your survival, either:-

*Remain on earth as part of humanity as we know it now (remain ignorant, divided, fearful of death and oblivion)

*Submit your individuality and humanity to become Divinity (exist without mystery, questions and faith, reach the end of our journey)

What would your choice be? Because even with thought and assessing each scenario in all of their complexities and factors I really couldn’t tell you myself. All I know is I know myself and the scenario reminds me of love, most vividly the idea of sacrificing one freedom for another but also the difference between true love and unconditional love.
Tell me your thoughts in comments below, I have left this blog/rant open to criticism and debate. I am aware it may go unnoticed but perhaps that in itself is another ironic hint.


3 responses to “Ronin – Why Does Humanity Deserve To Be Saved? – 30 March 2012

  1. Genna Miller

    I would like to stay here with more knowledge of who I am and the ability to help others and myself live the life we have always dreamed of…with all the soul growth possible…to be Blessed and to b a Blessing without all the blocks that have been in the way for so long in this life time!

  2. I am very in touch with my ego, and live each day as if it were my last.

  3. Each moment of the illusion of time contains infinite possibility guided by limited probability. Each is influenced by the thoughts and choices of the individual, the collective and the mass collective. What we choose and fire up with emotion forms the vibrations and energies of our illusory experience. Thus the drama of our thoughts appears to manifest. We are here quite simply to choose love but love of self or love of others. Where do you choose place the bet of your service? How do you repair your mistaken choices? How is the mass collective making their choices?

    Armageddon or apocalypse? We all take responsibility with our choices each and every moment.