Visionkeeper – We Hold It All In Our Hands – 30 March 2012

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For so long now we have expected those in political power to take care of the world. It has become abundantly clear to us all by now, that this is not being done. In fact just the opposite is taking place. They seem to be destroying the world at lightening speed and one can only hope we will be able to repair the damage when our time comes. At this very moment in time we seem unable to stop the dark ones from doing what they are doing.

If we look deeply into the reality of what is going on around us we can see the immense power we all hold in the scheme of things. We indeed hold the world in the palm of our hands if we come together. Between the power of oneness and the power of our thoughts we can do so much and yet we seem not to realize. I wonder if we could put that unused power to work on short notice? Perhaps we should try and see.

It would require getting people to work the technological side of things as in Tweets and Facebook and whatever other modes of communication are available. If they can make uprisings go viral in a day why can’t we do the same for creating change? I am not on these social networking sites, but maybe you all who are, can get this moving like wildfire around the world? Now is your chance to make a difference and help the shift go quicker.

Let us choose March 31 Saturday at 12:00 P.M. as our planned time to all come together for 5 minutes to pray and ask the universe for help in overcoming the dark ones. We alone can raise the light by our love and compassion, but it is the dark ones we need help with in eradicating their evil. I do this all so quickly as to not give them time to plan against us. It is up to those reading this to make Twitter and Facebook come alive and start smoking with viral activity. If I knew how I would but I don’t. I will leave that up to the younger social network oriented people to pull this off. Together as a whole around the world at the same time praying and asking for help from the universe we can get the help we need to end this nightmare. We somehow expect outside help, maybe instead the universe is waiting for us to ask for help…So ask we will this Saturday at 12:00 P.M. EST.  Thank you all! Get hopping and burn up the wires and help create change in the world!

It is time to get active and not wait for change to come to us, we must bring the change to us. If we want this new world then we must go after it, fight for it, desire it strongly in our hearts, see it, taste it, feel it, hear it. We must get off our duffs and go after it, demand it, settle for nothing less than love and peace for the world. This is OUR world not their world. If someone were trying to steal your car you would go ballistic, why not when someone is trying to steal your own life and your world? This is not something we can just turn our backs on and ignore the truth of what is happening.

Grab hold of your technological toys and turn them into powerful tools to aid the light in winning this battle against the dark. Please let this be your time to help do something to save the world. We need everyone to pull this off. Go for it! Thank you.

Blessings to you all,

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One response to “Visionkeeper – We Hold It All In Our Hands – 30 March 2012

  1. Perfect. You ARE in tune to what’s going down. Our Lightwarriors in the physical trenches will need all the support they can get over this coming radical week.

    In La ‘Kesh.