Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update On BRICS – 31 March 2012

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Recently I saw a conference by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme (teacher of political and Social Science at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) ), where explains that BRICS are creating a new international Bank and a new financial system to fight against the power of FMI and the World Bank. So my question is the following: Is this the new financial system you have been talking about? If the answer is yes, could you clarify which is the role that Japan is going to have in all this stuff and how BRICS will help to free humanity from the cabal?
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PD. As I know you have a good Spanish, I add the conference link for your review:
Anwer Fulford :

It is true the BRICS are working on a new financial system. There are 134 countries supporting this plan. Another group of 54 countries (the British Commonwealth) also has a plan that is in harmony with the 134 countries. The obstacle is the governments of the United States, Germany, Japan, France and Italy and their remaining slave states. Japan’s government is on the verge of announcing its support of the new financial system. The Japanese government has already signaled in principle, its support for the creation of a new international economic planning agency based in Japan and with an initial budget of $10 trillion or possibly 1000 trillion yen. This organization would carry out large scale development plans like turning the deserts green and replenishing the oceans with fish. It would not, in any way, contradict or work against any plans of existing governments, corporations or development organizations. It would work in harmony with them. The 5 nations that have controlled the previous financial system and the families that run those nations are negotiating a transition right now and hopefully some sort of mutually acceptable agreement will be reached soon.

Benjamin Fulford

Comment Lucas:  There is an other article posted on the page about from Political Vel Craft that without a answer or comment from Fulford. I mentioned earlier that I have been looking in the databases of Interpol but could not find anything since 23 March the article appeared. I can not verify the arrest warrant. So I will nog publish it.

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  1. Its really quite amazing how this is going down. Behind the scenes, awake and aware individuals have been actively involved in a huge transformation process that is basically without organizational structure outside of a collective consciousness principle. Each individual or group thinks they are working alone, and as time progresses, these individuals and groups are coming together and integrating their knowledge, strategies and personal power to make something very big happen. If you want to be a part of what is going down, listen to your inner guidance to find out where your passion is leading you and do those things. You will become a part of that collective that is growing by the second. Its a paradigm shift. This is how it happens, Its organic. You are either “with it” or not.

  2. daniel Deeter


    the news has been very encouraging from you and your group about the restructuring at the top finaniciall and therefore restoration of our civial liberties, Are you aware of the very serious damage that chemtrails are doing to our planet with the poisioning of the air soil and water with really bad metals and chemicals and in many instances much worse and can we expect it to be stopped soon after the restructuring of powr. I represent several thousand , perhaps millions of concerned citizens and would love to know your answer .

    Sincerley daniel deeter Enlightened Planet moderator on Face Book Group and other place at Harvard and with private concerned groups

    • Daniel,
      Thanks for your info and for expressing your concerns, As you can search the archive of my blog I have reported lots of times about chemtrails. There is a lot of information about it to find. As also on youtube. If you have additional info or new. Let me know by my e-mailadres via the website. I will see to it that it will be blogged.

      Love and Light, Lucas