Lisa Gawlas – Love, Sex, Divine Counterparts And The Magnetic Field Of Connections – 31 March 2012

Before I start this sharing, I want to talk about this photo I included in today’s blog.  I took it yesterday (3/30/12) in the backyard.  I had a guest come for the weekend and we were down by the river sharing and taking in the energy of life when he looked up into the sky and seen this cloud formation.  I was so excited, the last time I had seen the striations in the clouds like this was the day I came to look at this place.  I ran inside to get my camera and took this picture.  Just hours before I did a meditation with Jorge, where a lot of what I am going to be sharing came from… but he also showed me the field outside, and it was raining pure radiant  rainbow energy all over this land.  If you look at this picture on a high-def screen, you can see the rainbow energy streaming out of the sun… and a tiny little lavender orb at the bottom of the stream of energy.  Synergy and synchronicity at its best!  Thank God for phones with camera’s built-in!!

The most powerful force on earth… Love!!  Pure, radiant Love!  It will move mountains, heal a sick body, and provide for you and all those around you every second of the day.  It is the very creation of Life!  It equally has the strongest magnetic pull in life and within our bodies.

But we humans, we have an added feature in this wonderment of Love… we have the ability to “fall in love.”  What a super force that is!!  It truly is a fall… almost like a free fall from a mountain top into the abyss of super charged chemical reactions within our body.  The last time I took this free fall within my body, I was able to fully witness what took place from the inside out.  Whenever this man was around, I could literally feel my entire outer energy field lift up, become so light and buoyant I thought I would float away.  The more intense this feeling became as the days and weeks passed and we spent more and more time together, I started to feel it happen inside my body.  I was watching chemicals being released in my brain, rushing thru my entire blood stream, intensifying the way I felt about him, and creating a very special electricity field within my heart.  I was going from I really like this man to I really love this man to embedding his energy signature into my own heart field.  When he and I broke up, even that was amazing.  There was nothing inside of me that felt like it left, I was still whole, happy, and grateful we had shared time and altered chemicals within our bodies as we moved thru life for a small time together.  I eventually realized that this was the first time, I was truly in-love from the inside out, and not taking any of his energy to fill a void inside of myself.  I had no voids, I had an amplification of wonder within me.

It is this type of wholly balanced in-love chemical stimulus within, that must be present for…. well…. Divine Sex!  When I say divine sex I am talking about coming together physically, sexually to unlock the codes within each other in relationship to enhancing and magnetizing the fields of Shambhala.

Just for the record, he and I never had sex, divine or otherwise (dammit.)  Just some really wonderful, mind altering (at least for me) foreplay.  It was like the greatest sneak peek at a grand event yet to happen.  I have been energetically trained on that events yet to happen ever since!!  (big toothy grin)

So now, lets take these crazy, wonderful chemicals in the body and understand what is really happening.  This information came from Jorge yesterday in my meditation and this sharing even tho personal to me, I feel we can all understand the bigger picture unfolding.  Keep in mind too, this is talking about what I refer to as “divine counterparts.”   In the whole spectrum of ‘relationship energy” it is all I really want to understand!

He was kind enough to unzip his body for me.  I didn’t see blood and guts (thank you dear lord) but his energy field.  His DNA strands (not like a complex gnome, but vibrations of light and understanding.)   My own DNA is 2 parts human, 1 part Pleiadian, 100 percent spiritually charged.  His is 2 parts Pleiadian, 1 part human, 100 percent spiritually charged.

Let me be clear on this 100 percent spiritually charged.  Every single one on earth is spiritually charged, it would be impossible to be otherwise.  It is the alignment within, how much of your pure soul energy moves with and thru you consciously.  A perfect, full alignment is crucial… and where humanity is moving towards.  For the Divine unlocking of energy via the sexual experience, it’s the only key that will open the doors to what I call Shambhala.

What I didn’t see yesterday, but can so clearly see today as I write this, are magnetic coils… his, that must come into a full magnetic alignment, with both feeling and consciousness in the exchange… interlocking, and taking the experience out-of-body and into the fullness of the air?

Boy I don’t think this will be a one time event lol, there are portals that can (and must) be opened thru this interlocking of two sets of opposite (but vibrationally the same) magnetic coils.  Portals to the portals.  The only way to open them is thru the feeling centers.  The chemical release within the physical body (can’t fake it at all) that enhances and opens the experience.

We have a tendency, as humans obsessed with body experiences, to really focus on the body during sex.  We also have this obsession with focusing on our partner during sex.  I won’t even mention the sheer amount of talking that often happens during sex.  We really have been conditioned to have sex with our minds and not the fullness of the energy body.  Can’t say that physical sex is a bad thing… god knows…. but it is a very limiting thing.

Each person on earth is like a grand piano.  When our inner strings are perfectly tuned, there is no pianist that is asking the piano “do you like it like this, will you sound better of I tap it like that.”    The pianist isn’t even thinking about the piano she or he is playing, he is in rhythm with the movement of sound… a creator creating.  The piano itself isn’t worried about the pianist either, wondering what is he or she thinking as he or she moves fingers across keys… nope.  The piano is trained on itself, the wonder and magnificence of the sound bellowing from within… exciting every string in its own unique way.  Altering space and time, creating wormholes of bliss and joy… the ears hear the symphony opening up the portals!

Our bodies should be played the same way.  And will be when in full alignment with the divine counterpart.  The magnetic coils, the internal chemicals, the DNA itself has been created with mastery for the potential at hand.  The purpose is to travel the wormholes that are opened in the exchange.  Even this has become wonderfully fail-safe, it must be traveled together… not one without the other.  A true and perfect resonance must be established energetically with the divine counterparts.

I also want to be perfectly clear here, we have a love bias on earth as well.  Love doesn’t.  There are male/male, female/female and male/female divine counterparts… all needed for the journey at hand.

When two people are having sex, sex filled with that super charged frequency of being “in-love” it release instantly a floodgate of potential within the body.  Sexual energy infused with the in-love chemical frequency opens portals the earth has not seen, felt or played within in a very very long time.

As I see the potential of this sacred union unfold… it feels (and looks) like when we master this sexual coupling, we can literally bend space and time around ourselves not just for as long as sex is happening, but for the long-term… equally, allowing all those who may be living in this portal of energy to fully use and play with it at will.  Divine will of course.

To be clear again, this is less a body experience… as much as the pianist playing the piano is not concerned about the piano itself, but the pure vibration surrounded him or her.  Granted the keys being plucked create the sound… but it is the air itself that holds the sound.  When we fully master having sex beyond the body and are able to hold it there… the true and full kingdom of God opens up for full use and experience…. for as long as that masterful frequency is held.

Orgasm has its own powerful energy and its own fuller use within the fields of energy… which we will talk about at another time.

I want to take this moment and completely change the subject.  But equally, it is an important aspect of the fuller subject just talked about above.  This too came thru my meditation, my conversation with Jorge yesterday.

When my sons child custody court date was moved from May 7th to April 23rd, I decided it is time to look at airfare to get back to Virginia so I can be present with him.  My lord, airfare is out of this world high!  I was looking everywhere and the flights ranged from $489 thru $523 plus all the added fee’s on top of that.   I wanted to cry.  Neither one of us had the ability of that!  I looked at the train.  Two days coming, two days going, but, only $220.  Maybe.  I figured I would sleep on it and look the next day when my heart was having a melt down with the high prices.

A day does make a difference… the air-flights came down to $429, but the train went up to $243.  I really didn’t want to sit on a train for 4 days… but man, coming up with airfare… all I had available was rent and my most of my electric bill in my bank.  Just for shits and giggles I went to priceline and bid $225 for a flight.  They didn’t meet my bid, but came close at $287 with all the fee’s it came to $334.  I just stared at my computer screen for a long moment.  Dropped down into my heart and I knew if I didn’t take advantage of this price now, there wont be a second chance later.

For the first time in all my life, my head wasn’t present, only my heart and I hit the confirm button giving deep and utter gratitude for the lower price and the fact I actually had the amount in my bank to purchase this ticket.

I stayed in that state of gratitude for hours… until I thought about it.  Once my whole being was removed from the entrained heart field, my mind kicked in with OMG you only have 6 days to get everything covered.  I kicked my ego to the side and just gave a firm shout out to my team, literally.  I said “You say you have my back, I need you now, cover this extra expense, thank you.”   Less than 24 hours later, it was fully covered… 48 hours later, all my first half of April bills… covered.  Truly, I just want to cry with gratitude.

So I talked to Jorge about this, I think I just needed to give a captive audience thanx… deep, heartful thanx for a month I thought was going to be stressing, starting completely void of stress at all.  Now… this is really important for all of us to really feel with and understand.

Jorge told me I am now free of my financial struggles.  This was the last big “test” to see if I would maintain my heart focus.  Of all my issues (and god knows I had suit cases full) this has been my hardest one to move thru (obviously.)   We tend to trust more what we see, like, my bank balance and average income and hold ourselves (can we call it fear) bound by that, not taking opportunities presented to us.  Every single time, it is a “test” (so to speak, there is no pass or fail here, just more opportunities to take the test again) to break us free of our own restrictions.  I have been inching towards this since January.  Spending money I normally would never have done because I had been so afraid of not being able to pay my bills.  Self employment really is a double edged sword.  Obviously, I love to live on the edge!! lol

It’s not enough to know this Divine relationship, or even understand that it does exist.  We must fully live it, fully participating energetically within.

I have never felt more grateful for my own personal choices than in that moment.  So I had to ask the next big question… that super sized jackpot called the megamillions.  Jorge simply smiled at me and asked “do you really care about that?”  I really, really don’t.  I never fully realized how much I don’t care about having loads of money.  I truly am richer than most of the 1%… my dollars emerge from the field of Love.  More potent that hoards of money in a bank account.

Remember, what you do for another, you do for yourself… 100 fold.  Ain’t no bank gonna give you that kind of interest on your energy!!

I have never felt so free, so deeply blessed in all my life, and I didn’t even win the mega millions… I earned, by release, so much more!!

We tend to measure wealth in dollars and cents… True wealth is the hearts beating within your magnetic stream of energy.  Together we are the Mega-Trillions!!  We have, WE ARE what money could never buy!!

I love you all so much, and so much more than that.  Our game together is about to hit warp speed!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of warmholes and portals to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.   The last series of hypnosis events will be tomorrow at 11am MDT.  I should have the recording on my website before the day is done!  That’s my plan anywayz.  The passcode will not change, so just check the site to see if “Welcome Home” is up yet.  If you don’t already have the page name or passcode, any size donation to water my garden will get you full access to these life enhancing events!! link to original article



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