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Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – How To Start Attracting Financial Abundance – 31 March 2012

“The Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

There are many people in the world who don’t realize that the Universe is a magical, intelligent and abundant playground. They are blinded by limiting thoughts and feelings around money. These beliefs distract them from being open, loving and appreciative for what they do have and tapping into the abundant Universe that is available. It is this addiction to desire, to constantly wanting this or that and not getting the ego’s needs met, which eventually creates the lacking stuck feeling on the inside which later manifests into their bank account in the outer world. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From The Angels And Ann – 31 March 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In every moment, in every endeavor, God is with you. In everything you do you have an opportunity to invite God’s love to come to the surface in your life, to assist you, and to allow your life to flow with greater grace and ease. When you have a concern, stop and give it to God. When you are worried, stop and give your cares to God. When you don’t know the next step in your lives, stop and ask God for assistance. We have said this many times, dear friends, but God moves the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and can easily assist you in every aspect of your life if only you will believe, ask, and receive. Continue reading

Lori Ann – The Awakened Dreamer – Bending The Reality Spoon – 31 March 2012


I was nine years old when my first miracle happened. It was June, and a school field trip to the zoo was about to be cancelled in light of a monsoon-like morning.  The torrential rain was forecast to continue well into the next day. I’d been looking forward to this outing for weeks and, like any good Aries, wasn’t going to take this lousy weather lying down. Home for lunch, I headed to the living room, pressed my hands together, knelt down and whispered. “Dear God, please stop the rain.” Continue reading

Alexander Higgins – The Intel Hub – Story Ignored By Corporate Media – Journalists Lawsuit Against NDAA – Feds Using NDAA To Silence Journalists Critical Of Government – 31 March 2012

As I reported yesterday, a coalition of journalists have filed a lawsuit challenging the NDAA because they are being silenced by it.

Feds Using NDAA To Silence Journalists Critical Of Government

NDAA Silencing Government Critical JournalistsThe NDAA is being challenged in a lawsuit by multiple journalists that could be accused of supporting terrorism for reporting facts that challenge the official US government narrative.

A coalition of prominent journalist known for being critical of the United States in the War on Terror have joined forces to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama and Leon Panetta to challenge the National Defense Authorization act. Continue reading

John Ward – EZONE CRISIS – Bundesbank Slaps Restraining Order On Merkel, Fires Torpedo At EU Peripherals – 31 March 2012

Weidmann….has effectively doomed eurozone

Victory for Bankfurt over Berlin as Weidmann retaliates on firewall question

Yesterday afternoon’s decision by the German Bundesbank to refuse acceptance of Greek, Irish or Portuguese sovereign/bank bonds has dealt a blow to the Eurozone which few informed observers think it can survive. With the help of sources, The Slog digs into what’s really going on here. Continue reading

Alex Frew McMillan And Joy Leung – Reuters – Billionaire Kwok Brothers Arrested For graft In Hong Kong – 31 March 2012

(Picture) Thomas Kwok (R) and his younger brother Raymond Kwok, both Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Sun Hung Kai Properties, listen to a question during a news conference announcing the company’s interim results in Hong Kong in this March 11, 2009 file photo. Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption on March 29, 2012 arrested two senior company executives, identified in the media as Sun Hung Kai Properties tycoon brothers Raymond and Thomas Kwok, for suspected corruption. REUTERS/Bobby Yip/Files

(Reuters) – Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday arrested the chairmen of Sun Hung Kai Properties, brothers Raymond and Thomas Kwok, on suspicion of corruption, the company said. Continue reading

Pat Garafalo – Bank Of America – CEO Gets $7.5 Million Pay Package After The Bank Lost More Than Half Its Stock Value – 31 March 2012

The Wall Street Journal noted this week that that CEO pay lagged behind profits and productivity last year, mirroring a trend that has been occurring with workers’ wages for decades. But even that slight modicum of moderation regarding executive compensation evidently didn’t extend to Bank of America, which gave CEO Brian Moynihan a $7.5 million pay package — six times as much as he made in 2010 — following a year in which the company’s stock plummeted.

Read the rest : http://www.nationofchange.org link to original article by Pat Garafalo Nation Of Change  / http://www.shiftfrequency.com link to article

Comment Lucas: They still do not learn and go on without any morals or ethics just like nothing happened in the world.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Apples Of God’s Tree – 31 March 2012

God said:

So close are We that you could reach out your hand and touch Me, that is, if I were physical as you are physical. That I am Pure Being and not physical makes it easier for you to reach Me, and I to reach you. Actually, as it is, we are permeable. In fact, it cannot be said that We reach when We are actually One. Where does One reach to? How do you reach where you already are? There is no span to cross. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update On BRICS – 31 March 2012

Hi Ben,
Recently I saw a conference by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme (teacher of political and Social Science at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) ), where explains that BRICS are creating a new international Bank and a new financial system to fight against the power of FMI and the World Bank. So my question is the following: Is this the new financial system you have been talking about? If the answer is yes, could you clarify which is the role that Japan is going to have in all this stuff and how BRICS will help to free humanity from the cabal?
Thanks in advance,