Visionkeeper – We Are All One – 31 March 2012

Are people beginning to understand that we are all one now? I have to wonder how universal that thought is or how selective. I find it hard to be alive in the world today and not feel a strong and equal connection to everyone and everything. There are no walls any longer that separate us all. Those walls were erected by the dark ones to keep us all in separate groups so we would not come together as a whole and rise up against them. Can people see this now? Please tell me people still don’t see others in terms of race, religion or sex any longer. We should be so past that phase of our existence by now. We are supposed to be evolving to the fifth dimension but we will never get there if we stay trapped in this fictitious world of imagined enemies. It was all a ploy to separate us. It is time to let this fantasy fade away and start embracing one another for who and what we are. Human beings all together on the same journey towards raising the consciousness of the planet.

It boggles my mind to think anyone still thinks animals or the environment have less importance than the human species. We are all living entities and we all have thought processes on some level, we are all integral parts of the system, without each part the whole must change. Each and every one of us has a purpose for our existence and the existence of the entire planet. The universe is a magnificent hologram and if we move through it with grace and respect the world will mirror our choices. The quick link above I included will clearly explain this process and hopefully you will begin to see the importance of your presence in the universe and the importance of everything else. Please listen!

It is our thoughts and choices that will create the new reality we are moving towards. Are we going to bring hatred and greed and war along with us to become part of the new paradigm, or are we going to choose to bring love and compassion and oneness to create a new and loving world? This is why our thoughts and choices are so important and why I keep saying to watch what you think and say for you are creating your reality. By living in a holographic world and a holographic consciousness it is critical that we take control of our thoughts in order to guide the planet to a better reality.

Please have the courage to stretch your imagination so you can begin to see and understand what we are going through at the present moment, how humanity is shifting how it thinks about and sees it’s world and how important each of us is in creating the kind of new world we will be shifting to. I sincerely believe that the entire tragedy of the killing of Treyvon Martin is a lesson for humanity to stretch beyond our limitations of divided thinking and begin to see the oneness of all. Treyvon was not black, he was a living breathing human being with just as much right to walk down a street at night as the next person.

Treyvon was your son as well and your heart feels the pain as well. How small we all are if we still allow ourselves to think the color of ones skin makes us more worthy than someone else. The hologram of the entire earth had to change because Treyvon was removed. Please stretch your mind so you begin to grasp this now, how we affect the outcome of everything in the world. We are all connected and all one and all deserving of love and acceptance as are the animals and trees and rocks. We are all the whole of the hologram. What right do we have to remove a person, an animal, a tree from the whole and alter the hologram? Why should we be allowed to be in the holographic picture and not someone else? We are all one and EQUAL, let us begin to act like we understand this concept! Let us be love, stay centered in our hearts and respect all of those residing in the world.

Blessings to us all,

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  1. A good read, VK. I’ve often wondered why so many still cannot see we are one. This article made sense of it for me. Keep up the great work…I’m watching. 😉

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