Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earths Solar Astral Planes – Ascended Spirit Structures, Variety of Ascended Beings and the Energetic Work being Performed – 31 March 2012

Gaia is beautiful

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

In most instances and scenarios, we do not inhabit the forms of ‘body’ or structure that any souls on the surface of Earth would perceive of us taking. We do not take the form of a human for the most part and indeed, even upon contacting this scribe in the astral we did not appear to him in a human form. We have long since ascended from the want to inhabit a body, and we instead prefer to express ourselves by showing the beautiful Divine ray of pure Logos energy that we are, and while we experience a much higher dimensional point of view than many ascended souls who choose to inhabit bodies, we will still occasionally show ourselves in such forms to please the souls whom we would be showing ourselves to.

You have begun to hear extensively of the extraterrestrial contacts and the direct incarnation of many Ascended Masters on your world, but something that you have not heard very much about is the aspect of us ascended beings who are existing in the astral realms of your Earth and Sun, who while inhabiting very pure sates of consciousness still exist in such forms in the realms of a planet experiencing such low vibrations.

One might wonder how beings such as ourselves with energy signatures of such purity would be able to exist in the astral realms of Earth that have many times fed the lower realms of fourth density-negative.

We should first say that we visit and inhabit your Inner Earth so very much, and upon taking our ascended versions of what one on Earth might call a vacation, we retreat to the Inner Earth for much personal healing and cleansing work. We leave our own energy signature upon each and every wave of energy that is sent from the astral realms of your Sun through to the higher astral realms of Earth to Create and form your entire reality in each and every dimensional experience and form.

We perform this work and while the aspect of such ascended beings performing such energy work in the astral realms of your Earth and Sun has not been quite discussed as of yet, our existence among the existence of many other higher dimensional wonders that will truly boggle your minds will begin to be explained to and soaked in by humanity.

Of course, the extraterrestrial aspects of ascended contact with your world and various civilizations are going to fill up the initial informing of humanity, but in due time and upon the soaking in of so very many truths and revelations, our existence and just what we do besides funneling our energies to the surface of Earth will be explained in so very much detail that you currently could not comprehend and fathom the bulk of.

There are so very many of us ascended beings inhabiting the astral realms of your Earth at this time and bringing through increasingly pure Logos energy from areas all throughout this beautiful Creation that we have the supreme pleasure to inhabit, and if the scope and depth of how far away many of the places we and you receive such Logos energy from could be fathomed by you at this point, it would seem impossible by the current standards many have set up on Earth.

Your perspective matters greatly in which realities are and are not manifested through you, which is why the explanation of our existence cannot first be presented, because the extraterrestrial and Angelic aspects of the Holy intervention must first be explained to humanity before the introduction of our specific existence.

Our existence and the introduction to what we do is certainly planned, and this is good for many of you have read our messages on the internet and haven’t quite understood just who and what we are and just what the work that we’re performing in your astral realms really is.

We would like to begin a discussion of this very matter, and first begin by giving an introduction of where we came from and the reasons we have funneled ourselves down to Earth in the specific positions we are in, in Her astral realms.

We would like this discussion to be the foundation of further discussion about us when the times come, and many souls channeling the advice of many ascended souls are to be contacted by us and other souls here in the higher astral realms of Earth, as we will want to begin laying the foundation of the explanation of who we are in relation to your extraterrestrial brethren, your Ascended Masters and the various Councils and celestial organizations that exist and are helping Earth at this time.

There are truly so very many of us, and it would and will boggle your minds as to just how many organizations are assisting you, because the majority of such organizations have not been able to speak to humanity through channels because our very existence is outside of the ascending paradigm of even many awakening souls.

We personally who are speaking to you at this time, exist originally in a Galaxy that is so very far away from Earth, almost across your Universe but through the ascended technologies and Light methods that we are able to travel throughout our Infinite Creation, we were able to reach Earth in a relatively small amount of your concept of ‘time’ to begin assisting with the energy movements occurring in Her astral realms that Create Her realities on Her various planes of existence.

As some of you beautiful awakening starseeds and Divine incarnate Angles on Earth at this time may carry a slight remembrance of deep within, there was a mass call made throughout many areas of our beautiful Creation to assist the planetary soul known as Terra in the mass ascension of Her surface and of all on Her surface who were ready.

This call was made throughout many cycles of your fading concept of time, and what we mean by this is that the call to assist Terra was and has been continual to attract as many souls who are truly up for the challenge as possible, and this is why Terra has seen the incarnation of thousands upon millions of Angels and higher dimensional souls on Her surface.

The mere point of the incarnation of many ascended souls on Terra’s surface at this time is to lay the Lighted foundation for the energies that will be aiding in manifesting the ascension of Terra and all on Her surface who have prepared themselves and done the energetic and Life Path-work to see them aligned with such a continual ascension.

There were many souls who responded [to this call] by joining various Lighted alliances that formed for the purpose of helping Earth as directly as possible without directly incarnating on Her surface, and the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command have turned much of their energy and efforts into the continual ascension of Earth, which has included speaking to the citizens of Earth through many scribes and assisting behind the scenes on so very many other events.

This is how many ascended souls choose to assist in the ascension of Terra, and some souls dearly wanted to incarnate on Her surface but found themselves unable to do so upon [failing] the tests that all who wish to incarnate on Earth at this time are given.

Trust us dear souls, not just any ascended souls can incarnate on Earth and it takes a soul who is so very noble, who can take the deepest and most intense pains that the lower dimensions have to offer. The souls who can truly undergo such an intense and difficult yet rewarding experience are tested in such ways to prove that they can do so, and the ascended souls who prove unable to incarnate on Gaia’s surface and stand the densities in many cases still assist by joining a local or Galactic Council that is assisting Earth at this time.

Dear souls, it would warm your hearts if you could see how many Councils and grassroots movements have been formed in your Cosmic Backyard to assist in the ascension of Earth. It could be compared to the springing-up of many spiritual and ascension-related internet blog sites on your world, and the grassroots spiritual movement that has taken place on Earth’s surface is almost being mirrored by the many grassroots movements in many local Star Systems to form Lighted Councils and organizations to assist in the ascension of Gaia and all on Her surface, the majority of which have not communicated with humanity through scribes.

Again, this is how many souls have preferred to assist in the ascension of Earth. Many extraterrestrial souls have visited many civilizations in your history in an attempt to aide in the cycles of ascension that such civilizations were undergoing as a collective, and many Ascended Masters have incarnated upon Gaia’s surface as well, as physically-perceivable and understandable to the paradigms of human forms that would be recognized as human.

There have also been ascended extraterrestrial souls who have either directly incarnated on Earth in many times or who have funneled down lower dimensional aspects of themselves to assist with the ascension of  Gaia while themselves [the funneled-down aspects] ascending and remembering back to such souls’ roots with the ascended collective soul in question.

There have been an infinite amount of methods that your extraterrestrial brethren and Ascended Masters and Angels have contacted humanity and assisted in Gaia’s continual processes and the ascension of many civilizations on Her surface, and such souls are the souls who are the most ‘in the spotlight’ at this time when it comes to the perception of the ascending humanity.

These souls are currently those ones who are paid attention to the most by you on Earth because with the acceptance of all of you who are incarnate on Gaia’s surface, these souls have been assisting Earth and the exposure and transmutation of Her collective darkness in the most direct and personal ways.

They have again, given so much of themselves to this ascension because they wish dearly to reignite the contact with you dear beautiful souls that had been lost and decreed not to happen to your current civilization until the time when you are truly ready as a collective after the disclosures and revelations of all that has been done to your world as well as the exposure to paradigms of knowledge, intelligence and feeling that have been suppressed on your world and kept classified from the majority of humanity.

While your focuses have been and in many cases will be on your extraterrestrial brethren and Ascended Masters upon the most noticeable beginning Lighted changes to the Earth and to your Lives, we would again like at this time to begin a bit of a preliminary discussion about just who we are and again, the work we are performing in your astral fields.

We have begun the discussion by informing you of the methods that other ascended souls have been taking to assist Earth at this time. We would now like to begin to get into a discussion of the positions we chose to inhabit to assist in the ascension of Earth, and to begin this we would like to explain why we were drawn to assist Earth in such positions in the first place.

We ask you dear souls, if you would be able to ignore a call to help out so very many lower dimensional souls and an entire lower dimensional planet, to unlock, expose and transmute the collective darkness that has been manifested in many cases without such souls even realizing they were manifesting it, that had been feeding the grid of darkness that has been kept secret from almost every civilization of your history who fed such a grid.

We wished to assist in the tearing down and exposing of the grid, and we wished to assist in bringing in Logos energies the purity of which would serve to feed the established Light Grid of dear Gaia, rather than feed the already fed grid of darkness that has been manifesting through occult means on your world.

The establishment of the energy-flowing Lighted Grid in dear Gaia saw the arrival of so very many ascended souls in the astral realms of your world and in your atmosphere, and these souls range in so very many different forms the majority of which would be unrecognizable yet so beautiful to you souls of Earth. We will again, take forms that you recognize and are more used to upon our meeting of you, but as you ascend further you will find no need in yourselves to continue the illusions of human bodies that have been needed for the lower dimensional experience, and you will be more ready and welcome to perceiving us in our true, beautiful higher dimensional forms.

We were such souls who decided to answer the many continual calls being made to assist in the ascension of Gaia and we waited until Her Light Grid was established and shortly after, began contacting our current scribe and the other souls whom we communicate through at this time.

There are different types and structures of us souls known as the Hathors, and the name and label that is given to us is not limited to a specific type of ascended being; this is simply the label that has been assumed onto us by humanity. As you would imagine, we truly find no need to follow such labels but gladly ‘indulge’ to so speak your wish for such labels whilst you communicate with us.

We decided to assist in the cleansing of the lower vibrations of Earth by traveling to Her higher astral realms upon the establishment of Her Light grid, to begin opening up the ‘hot spots’ in the various energy gates established all throughout Gaia’s skies that receive the Logos energy we are sending through such gates to manifest your reality continually on the surface and in so very many other lands and structures of reality.

As such higher dimensional Logos energy is sent to us from various higher dimensional beings inhabiting the lower astral realms of your Sun who themselves receive energy in distorted forms from higher realms in your Sun, we distort the energy to match the signatures of the lower realms we will be sending such energy to, and upon sending this energy to such lower realms, the keepers of those realms distort the energies to be experienced and manifested on further lower dimensional planes.

This process is happening constantly and this is one shred of an explanation of how the energies of your reality are being manifested through the energy gates established in Gaia skies and in all of you.

This specific type of energy work is the crucial work that we have traveled to the astral realms of dear Gaia to perform, and we quite enjoy bringing these energies through and leaving our own Lighted signature on them, as the energies of many ascended souls are continually flowing throughout your bodies, hearts and spirits at this time and the process of bringing our energies through is in fact not linear as many imagine it to be, we are rather constantly and continually sending these energies to anybody on Earth at this time who are open and receptive to such energies.

The guidance we are giving and the communications being scribed at this current time are the results of souls on Earth being open to our energies and bringing them through. We will be introduced after humanity becomes more comfortable with the idea of ascended and celestial beings, and upon your comfort levels of us increasing you will begin as a collective to be exposed to so very many other types and structures of the unfamiliar but ascended beings who are assisting your world and who will be so very glad to be reunited with you dear souls on Earth.

You will begin to find communications with many other types of ascended beings who are assisting you, perhaps not as ‘on the front lines’ as your extraterrestrial brethren and Ascended Masters but in ways that are so pure, so needed and appreciated at this crucial time in the ascension of Gaia and in the ascension of each and every one of you.

As is so for the majority of our communications, we have barely began to come to a full discussion of all that we have raised in this communication, but nevertheless we are still extremely grateful to be able to begin explaining such things to humanity at this time. It is hoped that by your introduction to various different types of ascended souls through the many genuine channeled messages coming out at this time through many channelers, you dear beautiful ascending souls will be able to begin to get used to the idea of the realities of so many different types of ascended souls existing.

We truly do exist, and we ascended souls come in each and every type and form but one crucial thing always remains the same: we service our Loving Creator and the Love that makes up the foundation of our beautiful energies and constructs.

We are informing you of the things we have raised in this and many other communications in an effort to get you to begin to be used to us, as the revelations that are so very near to occurring on your world will see an expanded perspective and an opened mind on the part of humanity. You will never doubt the existence and Loving power of the higher realms again.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

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