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The Galactic Free Press – UPDATE – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Are We Really Here? – 1 April 2012

Didn’t I tell you about our crafts taking care of the chemtrails?

Well, it looks like they did us a favour and made themselves visible to get a look at them…

And give a chance to Nassim’s video about the sun, maybe hearing from a well known physicist that the sun IS a stargate used by Starships… as WE said in our updates… sounds familiar? Continue reading


Kaleb Nelms – Powerful Feelings Of Calm. Forgiveness Makes My Feet Move Faster – 1 April 2012

My honest belief is that life should be about loving, learning, and helping. I learned my philosophy about two years ago in gen. ed. classes at madison college. One of the hardest classes ive ever taken in my life taught me some very serious lessons: How to “step back,” calm my thoughts for analysis and research, slowing down my thought process in order to write a cohesive sentence, coming up with a subject, and thesis statements.. Probably one of the most powerful lessons I learned from my teacher Bird was how to analyze. In analysis I found a lot of truth about other people, and it showed through my writing habits. Unfortunately, at first, I was absolutely terrible at staying on subject, while also keeping the crowd amused, interested, and not confused over the subject material. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 1 April 2012

All that was hidden is being revealed. We encourage you to share your findings with each other. You will not see mention of this on mainstream television as yet. The media is not allowed to give you the full picture of what is actually happening. Those with eyes to see, can see for themselves that the Cabal is in trouble. They are in shock; they cannot believe that their plans for 2012 will not now be realised. Greater forces than theirs are preventing them from starting World War 3. They are having to accept the fact that they are not invincible, after all. To save face, they now want you to believe that they have changed their plans, that they now plan to attack Iran in the Spring. Well . . .  we shall see what transpires in the Spring, shall we? They failed to recognise that when intelligent people wake up and see clearly what is being done to them, they come together and call for help. Their request has been heeded and help has been forthcoming from all directions. Just because you do not see it on your TVs, does not mean that you are not being rescued from the terrible fate that the Cabal had planned for you. Continue reading

Curveball AKA Rafid Ahmed Alwan Al-Janabi – Mans Whose Weapons Of Mass Destruction Lies Led To 100.000 Deaths Confesses All – 1 April 2012

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, known by the CIA cryptonym “Curveball”

The Independent, April 1, 2012

A man whose lies helped to make the case for invading Iraq – starting a nine-year war costing more than 100,000 lives and hundreds of billions of pounds – will come clean in his first British television interview tomorrow. Continue reading

John Ward – Insight : Until The Eurozone Criminality Pauperises The Vulnerable, Very Few Anglo-Saxons Will Be Interested In It – 1 April 2012

Although many very good but relatively narrow websites like Zero Hedge continue to explain in simple terms why the idea of eurozone survival is complete bollocks, the average EU and US citizen continues to be almost entirely let down by the traditional media. Outside of London’s Daily Telegraph (where reality is largely restricted to Liam Halligan and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) it’s well nigh impossible to find any MSM title or programme prepared to do anything beyond regurgitation of the sovereign spin put out by Washington, London, Berlin…and especially Brussels. Murdoch-controlled Australia is little better: South America I don’t know about, but I assume it’s the same. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Archangel Michael – What Is Collective Comparison? – 1 April 2012

Many of us are aware of the increasing frequency of love on the planet as light energies are sent our way from other regions of space and other dimensions. As our planet is bathed in these energies, new potentialities open up for us and new knowledge is born. I’d like to talk about one of those new potentialities – collective compassion.

We’re aware of some of the milestones in the growth of collective consciousness on our planet. In the late nineteenth century, sociologist Emile Durckheim crystallized the notion for us. Continue reading

Mario Pianta And Paolo Gerbaudo – European Alternatives : Trajectories Of Mobilisation Responding To Europe’s Crisis – 1 April 2012

About the authors
Mario Pianta is professor of economic policy at the University of Urbino and has worked at the European University Institute, the LSE and the Sorbonne. He is among the founders of Sbilanciamoci, a coalition of 50 civil society groups working on economic alternatives. Mario Pianta’s new book is Nove su dieci, Perché stiamo (quasi) tutti peggio di 10 anni fa (Laterza, 2012) http://www.novesudieci.org
Paolo Gerbaudo is Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and a freelance journalist. He was the UK correspondent of the Italian daily newspaper il manifesto and is writing a book for Pluto on protest in Arab and European countries.
The article : Continue reading

Luisa Vasconcellos – Suzy Ward And Mike Quinsey On “Seismic Upheavels” – 1 April 2012

Translator Luisa Vasconcellos asked Suzy Ward and Mike Quinsey to comment on the two messages from Greg Giles predicting seismic upheavals and removal of people to safe zones. Here are Suzy and Mike’s answers.

Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Swept Into Oneness – 1 April 2012

Many of us are now experiencing more and more moments of feeling One – like we belong to something far greater and wider than what we have seen, touched and felt for some time. This is a time of Great Remembering, where we are recalling our connections and who we are. Are you being swept into Oneness?

I used to think I was all alone in this pressurized world and being here was a massive mystery to me. I began exploring separation further and learned that I had deep separation issues that stretched right back to my split from the creator (the larger part of me)! My separation issues were reflecting into my life and as a consequence I felt more isolated and alone. As I explored those old wounds that wanted so desperately to be healed, I started to be swept into Oneness. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Sing The Song That Is Yours To Sing – 1 April

God said:

Even when you feel that you hold life by the reins, you are floating. Life is like riding a raft. You can even tie up the raft on shore, and still it can slip away into the sea, and somehow take you with it. Life will always take you with it. One way or another, you have to go along with it. You can take it in your stride, or you can drag your feet. Regardless, life will pick you up and take you with it.

You may create life as it happens, and yet you are not the captain of it. That you are in charge, the way a captain or general is in charge, is an illusion like any other. Continue reading