Dieter – Indian In The Machine – Promotion Of Immenint Arrest Poster – 1 April 2012

(Dieter) Indian writes:

Here’s what we’ve got going ongoing this year, including the arrests of the cabal:  1.  New financial system  2.  First Contact of  Friendly Extraterrestrials  3. The Second Coming of Sananda “Jesus” Esu Immanuel  4.  Ascension of our species to a new species  5.  We’re probably going to be celebrating lots more!.. ya know… end of world slavery… restoration of our planet via ET technologies etc…. more sun CME activity catalysing many more changes… more earthquakes along the way…planetary evacuations even… is it possible that all of this could occur before the end of 2012?

Hang in through the bumpy parts to come…. we’re here together to sort things out…very peacefully, and easing into our entirely new realities.  Inspired service…  be a conscious co-creation with God, you’ll know what really to do if you are INSPIRED… in spirit… always and forever.  Dieter (Indian in the machine) link to original article

link to source : Chemlin Production : link link to original article

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