Lee-Anne Peters – Swept Into Oneness – 1 April 2012

Many of us are now experiencing more and more moments of feeling One – like we belong to something far greater and wider than what we have seen, touched and felt for some time. This is a time of Great Remembering, where we are recalling our connections and who we are. Are you being swept into Oneness?

I used to think I was all alone in this pressurized world and being here was a massive mystery to me. I began exploring separation further and learned that I had deep separation issues that stretched right back to my split from the creator (the larger part of me)! My separation issues were reflecting into my life and as a consequence I felt more isolated and alone. As I explored those old wounds that wanted so desperately to be healed, I started to be swept into Oneness.

This Oneness continues to feel safer and more comfy as you let go of the illusions and separations, and you step further into your freedom. Today I wanted to draw a picture, as I find this is a great way for me to express my message without trying to find the right words in this often limiting language. As you connect with the drawing, allow yourself to be swept into it as it reflects subtle energies to your soul.

The first thing that really draws my attention about this drawing is that it contains all four elements. The figure (who represents you) is standing tall within the rushing waters and as a growing vine – so ever-present in now! She confidently points to the future, and sends the pelicans and dolphins on a sweeping voyage to gather resources, tools and information that will help present her on the perfect path in alignment with her life’s mission.

The sweeping sun kissed sky represents your personal power and how it truly gets behind you when you are focused, determined and KNOWING what you want in your life. You may not always KNOW exactly what it is, however it is by being willing to stand tall and not be afraid to take risks and step into the unknown that will have you surer than ever.

Pelican reminds you of patience and the power and strength of your mind. The dolphin inspires you to play while exploring your emotions and creativity. The vines are in alignment with your growth and your stretching out – growing into new things.

It’s time to stand tall in the power of now and in your full essence, as you confidently direct your energy forth into your life’s mission ~ You are being Swept into Oneness!

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