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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report … Are We Really Here? – 2 April 2012

Ready… to GO. Things will change Fast! Are changing Fast! And when the Ships will be able to show up… you’ll forget about time… everything will seem to happen at once… be prepared, be in yourself, in the Now, Present. So many on the Planet will need your help… your being Present… they will be looking at you… centered, calm… LOVE. Be ready for Compassion… many will not understand… many have been poisoned for so long… understand them. Show them LOVE… that’s what You=All Are. Nothing more, nothing less. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 2 April 2012

We need to find out how many of your people that live within areas prone to flooding will wish to relocate to the safe zones in the days ahead. We wish for as many as possible to leave with us and relocate temporarily. We will offer safety and security, and we will have safe harbors constructed in certain areas throughout your world. This is what we will do, and we will assist you to make the necessary changes that will lessen the strength of the tremors that will cause your sea levels to rise. After this, we will step back and allow Mother Nature to travel her own necessary course. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 2 April 2012

Hello dear ones, we would like to take this opportunity to speak with you today in a little more detail about the days ahead for you. We see that our message to you a few days ago concerning the temporary relocations of those living in areas that we believe are susceptible to flooding has caused quite a stir, and many are experiencing fear upon learning of this information. We wish to make ourselves as clear as we can and tell you that there is absolutely no reason to feel fear on any level or to be concerned at all for the safety of yourselves, your families, your friends and your neighbors.

Socrates Berlin – 3rd Greek Balsahout Imminent? Greece Set To Default On Foreign Law Bonds May 15th – 2 April 2012



Deja-vu of deja-vu all over again? Bloomberg reports:
Greek foreign bond holders have rejected any restructure talks- meaning $11.5 billion in foreign law Greek bonds are currently set to default on May 15th.
QE will continue to Infinity…AND BEYOND!!! Continue reading

Jenna Freer – Pleiadian Message : Be The Light You Wish To See… – 2 April 2012

ImageThe following is answer I channeled from Peter in response to questions asked by a reader in the comment section of “It’s Go Time.” I felt his reply could apply to many of us eager to find the same kind of answers, so I have decided to publish it as a blog. Here is Peter’s response: Continue reading

American Kabuki And FB Lists – New Updated List Resignations Total: 750 – 2 April 2012

This list chronicles all top level resignations since the start of 2012. Presented below are four categories:

  • Banking & Financing (includes insurance)
  • Government (includes public services & churches)
  • Companies & Businesses
  • Arrests/probes/cases/etc.


While it’s not unusual for a top level executive/politician/industry leader to resign, it IS highly suspect when a great number of them are resigning at the same time.
All taking place in a very short amount of time as well.
Also note how most of the resignations are taking place in the banking & financing world.
Different sources are saying that these ‘mass resignations’ are indicative of a larger trend leading towards ‘mass arrests’ of criminal and corrupt elites which are soon to follow.
For more detailed information on these occurrences, please head to the ‘about’ page. Continue reading

John Ward – Eurozone Debt: Two More UXBs You Won’t Find In The UK & US MSM – 2 April 2012

Greece has no money to pay international law creditors, and the Bundesbank is owed 550 billion euros by debtor banks

From Germany’s Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten this morning came the news that investors with Greek government bonds issued under international law continue their refusal to take a cut in debt.

The Slog has already posted about the Venizelos Mob raiding University and Hospital bank accounts to pay off the English Law creditors with contracts that were watertight on the ‘money now please’ thing. Generalised international law is different, but only slightly so: Greece wants them to sacrifice most of their demands, but the remaining investors are rejecting any form debt restructuring. Continue reading