Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 2 April 2012

We need to find out how many of your people that live within areas prone to flooding will wish to relocate to the safe zones in the days ahead. We wish for as many as possible to leave with us and relocate temporarily. We will offer safety and security, and we will have safe harbors constructed in certain areas throughout your world. This is what we will do, and we will assist you to make the necessary changes that will lessen the strength of the tremors that will cause your sea levels to rise. After this, we will step back and allow Mother Nature to travel her own necessary course.
There will be much confusion about this process, and we would like to dispel as many unfounded rumors as we can at this time. What will not happen is a complete destruction of your world. One of the reasons we are here is to make sure of this. We have many years of experience in these related fields and we have many technologies that will help ease the shifting of tectonic plates and lessen their movements, allowing your people to proceed as smoothly as possible into your future.
We have methods that will allow many of your people to relocate very easily, and there will be plenty of time to complete this task and relocate those who currently live within areas prone to flooding. There will present no scenario where you will have any reason to panic or be frightened in any way. You are not alone in this process, and you have many friends here at this time to assist you make this transition as smooth as possible. You have our word we will do all we can to help you in every way that we can. This you can count on.
What reason we ask is there for you to fear at this time or any time in your days ahead? We wish you to know that all of you that will be involved in the relocation process understood this clearly before your current incarnations. You understood then that there would be nothing to fear when you reached this point, and you understood clearly this process before you now. We ask you what has changed for you that today you are reacting with such fear. We say to you there has never been anything to fear and there is nothing to fear now. You and your people will proceed into your future safely and peacefully, as there are no obstacles that stand before us that we cannot conquer.
We ask you at this time to demonstrate for the others around you as much courage and confidence as you can, to be a Wayshower for them, to show them that there is nothing to fear. That is the main reason many of you are here at this time. We see so many of our Lightworkers reacting in fear to this news that some of you will be relocating to dryer ground during some seismic activity and we ask you why such a process frightens you so. This is not why you are here. You are not here to react in fear and panic at news such as this and help spread fear through your communities. You are a here because you have gained through your experience the wisdom, knowledge and maturity to handle situations such as this with grace, courage and confidence.
You are now called to do the jobs that you were selected for and agreed to do before your current incarnation. You are being called to be leaders of your fellow man, and lead them into tomorrow as calmly and gracefully as you can. These are special talents that many of you possess, and that is why you were selected out of the many who expressed interest to be here at this time. For your services you will be richly rewarded, and you understood that these rewards would not come without a certain amount of work on your part. This is a process of give and you shall receive, and we are asking you at this time to give all you can in service to your mission and to others around you and help keep them calm by remaining calm yourself and not allowing fear to get the best of you.
There are those among you who are showing courage and fearlessness upon this news, and we ask those of you who are succumbing to fear to look to them as role models and see these future events through their eyes as best as you can. This is what we are asking you to do at this time, and we thank you for giving this process you sincerest efforts and determination. We will continue to be in touch with you every step of the way and bring to you regular updates throughout this process. In the days ahead we will be working personally with many of you and this will take place well before anyone will need to begin to relocate from certain areas.
There are those of you who are currently expressing fear that will also be working with us personally in the days ahead, and we ask you will you still be showing fear at that time? What will there be to fear? You and your families will be well taken care of, and each and every person within any of these areas that will be affected by some flooding will have plenty of time and the means provided by us to safely relocate until it is deemed safe for them to return home. There is nothing to fear for anyone. No one will be excluded from receiving our help for any reason. In due time, we will discuss further with you these areas we feel may receive some flooding and everyone in these areas will be advised of their options and what little they will have to do to safely relocate.
We thank you at this time for your efforts to remain calm and balanced, and we thank you to assist all of your brothers and sisters that you can to also remain in this state. We will speak to you soon, until then, know that we are your brothers and sisters and we are here for you and will not let anything happen to you. We love you all, and we will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate just how much we love you in the days ahead. Until then, we will continue to share our messages in this manner to remind you that we are here for you, and we will always be here for you.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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