Lisa Gawlas – The Time Smashing Acceleration Of April –

I officially feel that my inner vision is now about 25 feet in-front of me and my consciousness is truly struggling to catch up, simply to understand all that I am seeing!!   We are evolving so fast it is hard to keep up with it all (at least it is for me.)

I spent yesterday morning taking the final hypnosis transmission from the Guardians.  Phew baby, talk about blowing my hair back.  It was truly a completion of the first two sessions… but most importantly a completion of us, those who are walking, with at much consciousness as we can muster (smile,) this super fast paced walk forward.

We have spent decades pretty much with our vehicle (bodies) set up next to the gas pump.  Taking in more and more pure radiant energy.  Spending time making sure it is in every nook and cranny within our body, pushing out all the old gas in the process.

And here we are in April, full of premium gas (giggle,) engines revving….

This premium gas has a very very special additive to it, one I feel we have waited for, talk about, dreamt about all our lives.  The gas is filled with magnetic pull.  So the very thing we are revved up about, links up to us, whatever that is, and is revving its own engine towards us.

Magic is not only in the air, it is in our DNA!

Equally, there is a center point for each and every one of us… something that we not only need to use, but learn to master!  That is the Eye of Horus.  It truly is a portal to everything we can creatively imagine, and so much more.

Our precious group of 12 yesterday, opened that portal with the pure intention of amplifying the magnetic pathways of attraction.  Igniting all the DNA in all the multi-verses for acceleration of the Divine reunion at hand.  For those longing for that Divine partnership, I assure you, he or she is already on their way!!

After I took this amazing, intensely powerful transcription, I had to take a bath.  I was now filled with wonder and awe with all the intense details that were shared.

As soon as I got into meditation the very first thing I had seen appear down at my feet hovering about 5 feet in the air was this big ole clock.  The moment I realized it was a clock, the entire thing imploded.  Shattered beyond recognition.  I really understood this sets the pace for the energies of April.

Time exists only to you and I.  It is the most limiting thing we keep pace with.  When it no longer exists within our field of reality (and our reality is always created inside out) we truly allow ourselves to be limitless!!  April arrives to smash the clocks… the hold time has on us!!  Imagine a car with no brakes and the gas peddle all the way down… The Master within MUST now navigate it all!

The second thing I had seen in my meditation, again, filled with wonder about the entire transmission I just took… was we are doing thru the Eye of Horus and all the magnetic fields of energy.  We super amped it up, not only on earth, but thru all existence.

As I wondered about that part of the hypnosis event, I had seen all these planets emerge in the sky.  I was told, we are not the only species participating in this magnetic amplification.  All the planets, all the Beings on those planets aligned to the full on ascension underway, are also participating from their realm in a very similar event.  All I could think to myself was…. really??

And then I had seen this full on network of energy start to form.  It was as if these planets formed a circle and a thick golden energy chord emerged out of one planet and linked directly thru to the closest planet.  This thread of magnetic energy continued on until every planet was linked by this thick golden thread.  As soon as the last planet was linked, I could see earth from the perspective of space.  The waters on this planet started rocking as if the entire earth was now a super wave pool.

One of the 12 participants lives in Hawaii, as I watched this intense water rocking I was immediately given a message for her.  I was told to tell her that she is soon going to be given an opportunity to move to the mainland, and to make sure she does.

I also want to be perfectly clear, even tho there were 12 people (at least on earth) opening this new magnetic gateway, every single time the hypno-event is done, it adds strength to the magnetic field.  You may do the exercise 3 months after it was uploaded, and it is always held at the time it was first done (April 1st)… like I said, time does not exist… the core energy builds stronger.  Which means the more we participate with intended focus thru the Eye of Horus, the acceleration gets faster.

I do want to mention, as your own DNA ignites in the field of magnetic pull, follow that inner energy where ever it takes you.  Don’t hesitate, because the results of the hesitation will be less than pretty.  It would be like standing in the middle of a rapid river, trying to hold it all back…. not happening.

We came into earth as magnetic Beings of Creation.  It is now time to fully Be that!!  To play, always for the highest good of creation, with all that magnetic energy from within.

If you can look at your core energy as the most intense magnetic pole of attraction, always radiating out from your fuel, the emotions that are in your core energy… and you got to this very moment in time with one foot on the gas and foot on the brake… the brake no longer exists.

Be clear of your true emotional energy.

One ounce of blame/victim-hood, brings you 10 more opportunities to take responsibility for yourself and your creation.  Not a year from now, but a few days if not hours from now!

Use it to manipulate what you desire… you just may find yourself starting from scratch on every level.

Use it to radiate and enhance love in the world… life will never be the same again!!  Nor do we want it too!!

I cannot wait to share and learn thru each and every day of this month with you!!  Life is a blast!!!

I love you sooo much and thank each and every one of you for being the pure loving fuel of life!!  You are soooo amazing!!

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