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Matthew Ward – 2 April 2012

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The effects of the ever-growing light in your world extend way beyond the publicized shake-ups and shake-outs of corrupt ones in national governments and major corporations—this is happening in communities too, from villages to major cities around the globe. The effects go beyond the hands-on help and donations to people in dire need at international and local levels, and the increasing numbers of voices for peace, preserving animal life and the environment along with scores of other positive measures. Every time a petition is signed for a benevolent cause or to correct an injustice, the energy of the signer’s intention mingles with the energy of thousands, perhaps millions of others who also signed in support of that cause, and it is the same with every single loving thought, every feeling of gratitude, compassion, and desire for a better world. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light April 2012 – 2 April 2012

Dear Masters, please give us an overview of the state of the planet and the probabilities of dangerous storms, etc. A lot of concern about Yellowstone, the Madrid Fault, and the Cascadian Fault on the web. This given today (3/29/12)

Masters: This is a time of concern for all those who dwell near the well-known dangerous places in your country and around the world as the planet stretches and shifts. The forces that push and pull vary from day to day, paring predictions down to probabilities. At this moment in time, Yellowstone is fairly quiet, but deep underneath the magma is heating up and may cause new geysers to appear very soon. This is a dangerous place for a vacation. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Time Smashing Acceleration Of April –

I officially feel that my inner vision is now about 25 feet in-front of me and my consciousness is truly struggling to catch up, simply to understand all that I am seeing!!   We are evolving so fast it is hard to keep up with it all (at least it is for me.)

I spent yesterday morning taking the final hypnosis transmission from the Guardians.  Phew baby, talk about blowing my hair back.  It was truly a completion of the first two sessions… but most importantly a completion of us, those who are walking, with at much consciousness as we can muster (smile,) this super fast paced walk forward. Continue reading

Kauilapele – More Information About “Drake” From The David Wilcock Interview.. – 2 April 2012

Kauilapele : I found this on this page of the FreedomReigns.us website Drake spoke of in the David Wilcock interview with him. So I wanted to pass this along for those of you that might want to learn more about him. Since it is on the website I felt it was in the public domain and thus okay to be sent out. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Even The Plants Are Trying To Tell Us Something! – 2 April 2012

I listened to that video I posted on here yesterday afternoon and am now even more aware of how important it is that humanity awaken and learn to love the whole of the planet in order for us to be successful at shifting the consciousness of the planet. I do not know how to get across to the people how important this is. If we look around us even the plants in nature are pointing the way for humanity to go. Plants in nature grow with the symbolism of love by the shape of its leaves as hearts. The killing and hatred and war must end or our planet will end! As I mentioned yesterday, I believe Trayvon’s death was placed before us as a lesson to be learned. Will we as a group move beyond the lie of racism we have been brainwashed with and into that space of love and acceptance for all? If we can’t get past this, we fail! This is our last big lesson to move beyond despite what the dark ones are cramming down our throats via the media. Do not go there, they are activating the race card in order to keep us all divided. Awaken and see the truth and honor Trayvon by no longer buying into the lies! Continue reading

John Ward – Breaking News – Two Main Greek Parties Already Breaking Bailout Agreement To Gain Votes – 2 April 2012

Dutch Finance Minister offers blunt warning against Athens trickery.

Desperate eurocrats still hoping for Chinese, G20 involvement.

Greek media sources last night revealed that a get-out clause – in one article of Greece’s legislation concerning the passage of Parliamentary Bills – is being exploited by both the leading Greek Parties in the run-up to Elections at the end of this month. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – People Being Prepared For The Beginning Of Nesara? – 2 April 2012

(Edited some things in Steve’s article as the videos lack information about when they we’re posted and by whom. Also the first video gave a lot of fuzz. I am personal now convinced they ment well and are genuine. But others are also genuine in their efforts. We could better strive for unity in all than in polarising things. But in every sense let us strive for the same:  the better for all mankind in freedom and peace without been controlled or enslaved in what way ever by debt or as real slaves in work situation or  otherwise. We strive for a new golden age of peace equality and abundance for all as for our earth without pollution, war, hunger, etc. Love and Light,  Lucas) Now the article follows:

One after another the videos and radio interviews are coming out, apparently preparing the public for NESARA. Continue reading