Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light April 2012 – 2 April 2012

Dear Masters, please give us an overview of the state of the planet and the probabilities of dangerous storms, etc. A lot of concern about Yellowstone, the Madrid Fault, and the Cascadian Fault on the web. This given today (3/29/12)

Masters: This is a time of concern for all those who dwell near the well-known dangerous places in your country and around the world as the planet stretches and shifts. The forces that push and pull vary from day to day, paring predictions down to probabilities. At this moment in time, Yellowstone is fairly quiet, but deep underneath the magma is heating up and may cause new geysers to appear very soon. This is a dangerous place for a vacation.

Quakes in the mid section of the U.S. have been occurring in unexpected areas due to the vibrations of the shift in the Madrid fault. Rock formations carry the movement for hundreds of miles and the shifting itself creates new pathways to carry these movements. These slight quakes are nothing to worry about. The Madrid Fault itself is like a pot on a burner, heating up. The Western coastlines of the North American continent appear to us like a gigantic bulls eye, waiting for a shot from a very inexpert marksman. From California through Canada and up into the wilds of Alaska, the Pacific plates could move against these coasts at almost any time. At this point in time we do not see very violent movements, but there is bound to be constant quakes for months to come.

Storm systems create themselves from the frequencies in the atmosphere, combined with the energy flowing out and around the Earth. This is why these systems race across one continent after the other in seemingly indifferent modalities. The tornadoes of the past months in the U.S. are angry protests against the atmospheric turmoil that is going on, and continues for some time yet. Tornadoes are also occurring in other parts of the world not so fervently covered by the news media. As this Spring season continues and the flowers bloom under the welcome warmth, the change in seasons also causes clashes in temperatures that will bring more sudden dangerous storms. Please realize this and be prepared as much as possible. This holds true all over the world and in the great seas. Undersea shifts look to continue for some time, causing high waves and even tsunamis when they come into contact with land.

Yes, April is rather a dangerous month. This also applies to the energetic forces that control the human mind. It is obvious that mental control and intelligent conclusions are being affected around the world, not just in your political system. Those who govern have a very difficult road to pave, as continuity of clear thinking is sorely lacking. Humanity comes together to protest the rulers and laws that prevent them from enjoying the gifts given by the Creator, and havoc ensues. We see this continuing for some time, as logic gives way to self-preservation. Please take a few moments to think, to feel what is right, before you act. Fear is the great destroyer; let your inner strength and courage be your guidelines, not the voices on television. Try to accept that the spiritual forces that rule the universe are all around you, listening and trying to help when the inner door is opened. You are not alone in all this; you are all here to experience the tremendous changes in your world and to gather them into a better world, one at a time.

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