Visionkeeper – Even The Plants Are Trying To Tell Us Something! – 2 April 2012

I listened to that video I posted on here yesterday afternoon and am now even more aware of how important it is that humanity awaken and learn to love the whole of the planet in order for us to be successful at shifting the consciousness of the planet. I do not know how to get across to the people how important this is. If we look around us even the plants in nature are pointing the way for humanity to go. Plants in nature grow with the symbolism of love by the shape of its leaves as hearts. The killing and hatred and war must end or our planet will end! As I mentioned yesterday, I believe Trayvon’s death was placed before us as a lesson to be learned. Will we as a group move beyond the lie of racism we have been brainwashed with and into that space of love and acceptance for all? If we can’t get past this, we fail! This is our last big lesson to move beyond despite what the dark ones are cramming down our throats via the media. Do not go there, they are activating the race card in order to keep us all divided. Awaken and see the truth and honor Trayvon by no longer buying into the lies!

We are so much more than this, so much better than this. The dark ones would have us still stuck in the dark ages if they could, but by firing up the race card and saturating the news with nothing but Trayvon they are trying to keep control over us. Do NOT allow this!! Break free and stop listening to their evil propaganda. This is not such a huge thing to overcome such as they would have you believe. Open your hearts, realize we are all one regardless of where we were born or the color of our skin or the religion we choose or the sex we were born. We are simply PEOPLE, human beings, who feel emotions, who desire to belong, who wish to be loved and accepted, who breathe the same air and eat food and drink water. We are NOT different, we are all one and the same living here on earth.

I know I am repeating myself here but this is just so important to get across and embrace in our hearts. How many tragedies like 9-11, the tsunami in Japan, the Gulf oil spill do we need to beat us over the head before we understand? These tragedies are happening for the ‘soul’ purpose of bringing us together with open hearts despite what the dark ones are using them for and it seems tragedy is the only time we react as we are meant to. How many more tragedies must we encounter before we get the message? Are we not more intelligent than this? Have we not learned anything since our last fall from grace when we entered the dark ages?  Oh dear God I hope so! I cannot bear to think we will remain stuck in this tragic paradigm perpetuating hatred, judgment, death, war and disrespect.

Think back to the tragedies of 9-11 and the tsunami or the oil spill, think hard and try to re-feel what you were going through when you saw the oil soaked birds floundering about dying, or the horror of people falling from buildings because they jumped or the ones in Japan violently washed out to sea or left with nothing. No homes, families torn apart, animals left to starve a slow death…All horrible and heart breaking images designed to open our hearts and help us feel compassion for each other. The dark ones figured they were going to Capitalize on the horror of it all but it backfired..The sheer magnitude of the horror made us awaken to the ability to feel for others, to imagine their pain and grief. We needed it, but enough is enough. Let us not go back to sleep and require another tragedy.

We are better than how we are behaving right now. We have had a golden opportunity to awaken and yet we fall for the same dog and pony show the dark ones dangle before us every time! No more. Stay awake! We have nine more months to awaken ourselves and awaken others around us before Dec. 2012 rolls into view. We have summer coming soon. Will we fall into our usual summer activities and forget the importance of what is soon to be upon us or will we spend our time preparing and waking others up who are sleeping? Will we get it together finally and grasp the message and help move the planet forward into a new world of love and peace and gratitude? There is only so much I as one person can do. Everyone is needed to do their part, everyone needs to awaken those around them as well as make sure they don’t fall back to sleep. It is easy to do when you are being manipulated!

Blessings to you all,

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