Visionkeeper – Creativity Will Save Us – 3 April 2012


I was answering another blog post yesterday morning where it was being discussed about where we are going next in the ever-increasing data filled world. I said the answer was not in collecting more data but in creativity. I believe our data mining days are over. Data was needed to keep control of everything, to know everything. We are no longer that world or that way of thinking. That is what we are leaving behind as we enter into the new world. There is no longer a need to control or dominate, what will be needed are minds that can think outside the box and create a new way of being in the world. Our minds will have their own capacity to know everything needed, which will be far less than now, as we are coming full circle and heading back to a world of simplicity and caring and meaning. All we will need to know about  is love.

I saw the above picture today and was struck by the beauty. How a few paint colors and an IMAGINATION can totally transform something as mundane as a door! I would like that door in my home to cheer me within every time I stepped before it. See how easily we can transform life into something more, richer, better, more meaningful. We accept the mundane as what is and do not bother to exercise our creative minds to improve our lives. If we can beautify a door with a little paint, imagine what we can do with our lives if we bother to stretch our minds beyond the four walls of the stale lives we have constructed. Where there is a will there is a way. I was born a resourceful person thank goodness. We do not accept no for answer, there is always a way around the challenge being presented if one is willing to see the bigger picture of possibilities.

Take today for example. Because I am turning 65 I will lose my health insurance which will force me onto medicare. Not having enough points for social security I cannot be covered by it without paying a hefty price. $451.00 a month for just hospitalization. To get doctor coverage that is another $99.90 a month. The clincher that brought me to my knees was the fact that medicare would not cover my naturopathic doctor! I freaked and cried for a while and bent the ears of my friends with angry words, but then I returned to center. I will heal myself, screw them. I will grow my own non-poisoned foods, I will grow my own herbs to heal my ills and I will use other healing practices I have studied and I will stay well. Best of all? This plunder by the dark ones greed, gave me the topic for this post today, just when I was wondering what I would write about. It all is for the good in the end.

I urge us all to exercise our creativity, it is going to be where we go next in the world. The old system obviously must fall and crash and burn for it is broken and corrupt and of no use to those of us on this journey. The new jobs and new businesses will spring forth from creative minds. The world is starving for and screaming out for creativity. The sameness in our lives was encouraged by the dark ones to keep us all docile and our imaginations and creativity buried deep. Bored and plain people marching off to war and work in a daze was manageable and easy to control. God help the dark ones if we should stretch outside our boundaries and become imaginative. We could be unstoppable, we ARE unstoppable!!!

So add color to your lives, new ways of thinking, new ideas for change and new ways of being. Paint masterpiece’s upon your doors and in your lives! It is time to step free of the walls and flow outward into all that can be imagined. It is all there for us if we just make the effort to rise above wherever we are stuck and find new ways around the rock in the road. We can all be resourceful with a little desire and determination. The dark ones think they have us, but they cannot corral and contain imagination! It is as wild and free as the mustang running the range. It is ours and it can create magnificent creations if we allow it. There is always a way to think ourselves around an obstacle, so start thinking and creating and our new world will begin to unfold before us and morph into something beautiful.

Blessings to you all,

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