Lee-Anne Peters – Anchoring Love: A Twin Flame Objective – 4 April 2012

An excerpt from Free eBook- Eternal Love: A True Story About Twin Flames!

‘Together in Union, Together at Last,
In this place where no linear time does pass!
I hold you forever in this place of mine,
Together in our hearts we sing our sweet rhyme.’

Deep Love is being anchored onto our planet during this time. Meaning as we assist or take our role in helping anchor Heaven with Earth or Spirit with Matter we will see more genuine and true LOVE here in our physical reality. To anchor Love is to embody it, to live it, to be it, to embrace it ALL the time! Many are getting glimpses or imagining what it could be like, and it’s these imaginings that are starting to manifest into our physical world; thus anchoring Love HERE.

When we anchor anything, we bring the energy down in vibration from the ‘ethers’ and allow it to manifest in the physical. THIS is what is happening now, with Twin Flames, with Unity Consciousness, with our planet and even as you manifest your ideas.

If you are not physically with your Twin Flame now, it doesn’t matter; you can still access high vibrations of Love and help us all anchor these vibrations to our planet and into this time space reality. Just because your Twin Flame is not with you physically right now; does not give you any reason at all to sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting. It doesn’t give you any reason to limit the Love you CAN access through healing and opening your heart. Be aware of any beliefs or limitations you are living with, that are holding you back from embracing who you are, and the Love you can potentially access!

This Love I speak of is not a Love based on old-fashioned marriages with the signing of vows and the priorities of providing for the family. This Love I speak of is not based on needs or insecurities. And this Love I speak of is not based on sex or physical pleasure – it is so much DEEPER than that! This Love I speak includes everything and everyone. It is full acceptance, compassion and a willingness to open your heart and embracing more Love. Love is limitless, so by continuing to heal your heart and then open and expand your heart, welcomes in more all-encompassing Love. The more Love we genuinely share with others, animals and our planet, the more Love we welcome back to us. Sometimes you can wonder how much more can I Love? And the answer is that Love is infinite and is always expanding. As we all embrace this Love vibration we also assist in expanding the Love as a whole consciousness or essence (not separate from self).

When you embrace this vastness of Love, and you embody Love in this expansive way, you move into a space of complete or absolute Alignment; living in your true purpose and continuing on with your life every moment.

Then you move into a space of acceptance. Accepting that you are living your best life, as your Twin Flame is too, and whether you are destined to share physical lives together in this lifetime or not you become at peace with any possible outcome. When you are at peace with the knowing deep within you that your Twin Flame is okay, then you are at ONE with each other; beyond all limitations, beyond time, space and everything. In your world, it is only the two of you who exist within this vastness!

Lee-Anne & Cory
Lee-Anne Peters is an Author, Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Radio Host! The founder of Temple of Balance, Reflect Radio and Temple of Balance Publishing, Lee-Anne is passionate about inspiring others to LOVE and accept who they are, while rediscovering their passions for life!

Lee-Anne met her Twin Flame online in September 2008, and in December of that same year they remembered their LOVE and knew that they had been ‘waiting’ for each other! Ten weeks later Cory travelled from Texas to Australia to be with Lee-Anne and since then they haven’t left each other’s side! Now Lee-Anne and Cory reside amongst nature in Tasmania and do their best to help anchor LOVE to the planet!

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