Lucas – Reminder About Comments Rules – Read the Page On Comments Beneath The Banner – 4 April 2012

Dear Readers,

I am sorry to say that I have ample time to get my work done and the blog, etc. The large amount of comments says to me the blog is appreciated a lot and I say thanks for that.

The comment writings are divers on positions people take, belief systems they are defending and emotions that readers express in  positive and negative ways.

I have for some time now rules on my blog in the about comments page written down. Please read them.

I am not a forum where lots of things are discussed in length and people debate or talk about their vision on things, dogmas, belief systems, etc., in very elaborate ways. I refer you to other websites or blogs that keep fora  for that reason. My blog intents to inform you on the changing times with new, articles,  channelings, videos, audio.

My point is that in our new golden age without duality  and  ultimate unconditional love expressed there is no need for judgement or to be opinionated about things anymore.  If you differ or concur with someone or on something it is alright just to know yourself you do and leave it at that. Just try to see what it does for you if you do this. You respect others without seeking polarisation and giving others the need to  respond with their polarised feelings or opinions and you will see that this mostly gets into  a stage of division not unity. You can be One and have an other vision on things. You will be respected, do also with others.

I will answer if I can personal questions from readers if they e-mail me, some do write comments with questions appointed to me.  I will ask you to e-mail me. You find the e-mailadres  at about Lucas. I will answer if I can in due time. I am sorry if I am not able to answer all of you.

Love and Light,



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