Steve Beckow – Preparing Us For Mass Arrests – 4 April 2012

International Criminal Court at the Hague

Not only are the white hats in the Pentagon preparing us for the mass arrests through “Drake,” but the Company of Heaven are as well.

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles tells us that “this process [of the changing of the guards] is nearing its completion stages as all systems are go and we are moments away from moving forward in this operation and taking into custody so many of those who have conspired against you.” (1)

SaLuSa reminds us:

“You wanted action, you wanted results, and you now have them if you follow certain people who have acquired a reputation for successfully discovering the truth. An enormous set up of hundreds of different personnel, are poised ready to apprehend the criminals who have been behind the most cynical and profitable crimes against you in recent times.” (2)

The GF through Greg reveals the scope of the operation.

“This operation will be vast, and it will reach far and deep into your societal structure as we remove deep-rooted corruption throughout your world. Please be patient as we move forward with our plans, and continue to spread this information to act as a precursor to what will be a major media event. This is our plan, and we expect it to go off without a hitch.” (3)
Much planning has gone into it and the galactics expect it to go off without a hitch, according to the GF through Greg.

“We, along with our Earth allies, have invested a great deal of time and effort in the planning stages of this operation and we plan on it moving forward to its completion perfectly according to its design. We have no intention of allowing any part of this operation to fail for any reason, and every name that is on our list for arrest and subsequent trial will be taken into custody when we want them to be, perfectly according to our schedule.

“This is how this operation will unfold and proceed to the letter, and we will not stop or slow our efforts until every name on the list is checked as they are removed from your society.”(4)

They tell us that the operation “will take days and possibly even weeks, but we tell you this is only due to the amount of arrests that will be made.” (5)

“There are limits to how fast we can proceed as resources will be thinned, as these arrests will be scattered all over your planet.” (6)

Once the arrests have been made the Dark Ages on this planet will be over, the GF says.

“You may have confidence that the dark and their days ruling over you and your world will be finished upon these arrests, and you may take solace in knowing they will never be allowed to transgress upon you or your society ever again. There will be no second life for them once they are taken into custody. They will not be permitted to reenter your society, and they will not be able to enter any society until they are fully rehabilitated.

“Your society will be free to grow and to prosper, and each of you of your world will enjoy a freedom that many of you have never known. You have this to look forward to, and we wish for this knowing to keep you going through this challenging period in your lives.” (7)

That day is dawning, they tell us.

“This day is now dawning on your horizon as final preparations are being made for these mass arrests. Please be patient while our Earth allies make final preparations for their roles in this operation. We are ready on our end, and we await the signal that the time has come to proceed.” (8)

The Pleiaidian High Council through Wes Annac cautions us that how peaceful and harmonious a process this will be depends on the impact of our thoughts on the collective consciousness.

“You are hearing continual updates about the takedown of those who would strip your freedoms away from you in a heartbeat if allowed, and the process of this coming forth is indeed as harmonious and peaceful as it has been predicted to transpire. You all hold the keys as to how peaceful this endeavor plays out and as to how little chaos is manifested through your thoughts and emotions upon seeing the beginning revelations come to fruition.” (9)

In the first place, Archangel Michael asks us not to take joy in the fall of the cabal.

“Joy is an expression of love, of endearment, of union and community. You can never take joy in another person’s, or a group’s, demise. …

“We ask for you not to join in any way, shape or form in judgment or relishing what is happening to another, for that cannot be of love. So yes, there is divine justice, and there is an absolute balancing that is taking place. And we want you to understand that, as it is taking place on Earth, upon your beloved Gaia, that those ripple effects are felt throughout the Universe, that that rebalancing is taking place far further than any of you can even imagine.

“But the key to that amplification effect is for you to hold love, is for you to hold peace. You do not stand as judge and jury, my friends. …

“No. That is not loving. That is not kind. That is not gentle. Retribution comes in the rebalancing. It comes in the brilliant light of a new dawn. It comes in you stepping forward and assuming your rightful place, as light-holders and showers of the way. It is its own reward.” (10)

SaLuSa reminds us that we don’t know the part a soul has chosen to play in the drama of life.

“Remember as we have informed you on a  number of times, you do not know another soul’s life plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of thinking.” (11)

Rather let the fate of the dark ones be determined by the justice system, which has been well prepared to decide the fate of the dark and help them back to the Light.

“Think positively as you move through the last months of duality, and do not concern yourselves too much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be treated with full justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and every help to find a path back to the Light.” (12)

He reminds us that we have all played roles of light and dark and that hating those who play dark roles now will hold us back from progressing.

“As the cycle closes, remember that you have all played out lives on both sides of duality, and they are seen as necessary experiences to enable you to balance both energies. You may have succeeded now, but do not allow your achievement to cloud your mind against the dark Ones. Have compassion, and bear in mind that they are still sparks of the Light and Love, and can fully make their way back to the Light. In fact because they have dropped lower than many other souls, they will in time make great Light Carriers. You cannot know their karma so make allowances for their roles in your present period of history.

“Whilst you are not punished for your “sins” you do make reparations so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons. You have all to some degree had such experiences, so now you can understand why it is essential you are non-judgmental where other souls are concerned. Do your best to be forgiving if you have been personally hurt, and please do not harbor the energies of hate as they will eat into your body and cause you illness. They will also hold you back from progressing, as you cannot take them with you into the higher dimensions.” (13)

He reminds us also that no one escapes the need to answer to the universal laws and asks us to find it in our hearts to respond with compassion.

“Dear Ones, understand that the dark Ones are answerable to Universal Law exactly as you are, and like you when in duality are allowed to experience through their freewill choice. Of course they are also subject to your laws, but by the very nature of their rejection of them and the power they hold, they feel above the law. However, as you will know by now every soul is answerable at some stage for every action and even thought that intended to harm or cause the death of another soul. It is why we ask you to bear this in mind when the dark Ones are called to justice, and stand for their crimes against Humanity.

“If it is within your ability and your mindset allows for compassion, it is the best response you can have. Better still if you can acknowledge that the dark Ones are Beings of Light that retain their godspark, you would help them by sending Love and Light. Naturally that is not easy particularly if you have a relative or friend that has been a victim of theirs.

“How you respond depends on your level of consciousness, but you will eventually reach one of Christ Consciousness and act from that level of understanding. Therefore if it needs a ‘deal’ to remove the dark Ones and they are allowed refuge somewhere, it is only a temporary respite as ultimately they will not escape justice.” (14)

Therefore we have our work cut out for us as the cabal is rounded up. That role is to remain calm, refrain from joy at the fall of the cabal, and refrain from hate. We’re asked to remind ourselves that we too have played all roles, dark as well as light. The galactics tell us that the dark ones will escape neither the universal law nor the laws of this planet. But how we respond to the mass arrests will determine how harmonious a process the mass arrests are and whether, as a result, we progress from these events or hinder our own advancement.


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3 responses to “Steve Beckow – Preparing Us For Mass Arrests – 4 April 2012

  1. This has the ring of truth in it. May it be so.

  2. Jim Barnett

    Refrain from joy? I personally am going to be dancing in the streets upon the news that we are free from this dark cloud that’s been hanging over us for eons.

  3. Joseph Kotaski

    I have had some thoughts along the same lines concerning “hating the bad guys”. I am so happy to note an affirmation accordingly. As with all of us – it is the bad guys opportunity to learn positively like from the actions they took to make their way in this world. If they see it in a light way, they will find being filled with more wonder and peace than can be imagined at this time.