The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report… Are We Really Here? – 4 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings!

Feedback from all over the Planet is saying, The Love Broadcasting has started coming in like a thief in the night… to become as intense as a Sun shining up every atom with Pure Love. Are you getting it? Most amazing Miracles occurred… You onboard? For it’s not stopping anymore. It’s now going on and on and on and on… and on. For Love, has no end! Stay tuned or you’ll miss the most wonderful part of your/HUmanity history of going Home. Allow Love to lift you up to Yourselves, all you need is to accept it. No questions and no answers… simply allow and EnJoy… that’s IT. Love won’t ask anything but that you let Love IN.

Those not able to feel it… they’re separating even more. It’s not Love’s will, for Love’s knocking… it’s their ignorance that is still driving their mental coach. Old energies are fading away Fast and those still in ego… will fade away. Think of it if you’re not in the wave… don’t allow yourself to miss the party. For if you’re still looking for some scientific answer for it… you’ll spend all the time waiting… and waiting. This is the Time to BE and LIVE LOVE. That is THE ANSWER.

Old world and New Planet are separating… and time has run out to decide on which one you choose to be. Our Ships will go on Broadcasting Love Energy until they can safely decloack, but you’ll not be able to See –thus Live- the Unfolding if you hold on on the old… Ships won’t show up in old 3d energies… Their mission is Love, not illusion.

What is your mission?

If you missed our last energy update:

With all The Love I AM



ANdReA, Mother and Father God & the entire GFP Staff

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