The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report… Are We Really Here?- 5 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings!

Did I not know… I would smile. Thus, I Know… and smiling becomes difficult when you see how hard some try to fight against Love. As soon as there’s an increase in Love energy those that don’t want to let go think they can in some ways fight back. Well, I have news for you: it’s impossible. The only thing that can be obtained is raising your own difficulties… what for? Did you not have enough of difficult times that you’re still looking for more? You all knew what’s coming… you knew that for centuries. And you also know that there’s no such thing like “fighting” against Love. Love IS. Love is ALL. Love is not something that can be fought against. You can only fight against yourself… and loose, in pain. It’s what you create for yourself…

Why not make your  shift easy, and relax, and accept… You still have time for time has no sense in the Now and Now is the only Time to Choose… Love, smoothness, smiles, freedom….ALL.

Only those that are still in their mind prison fight. Thus, you truly fight against yourself.

Those who got over it… are already FREE.

It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of HOW. How easy or how difficult you’re going to make it for yourself.  And Now, is an excellent moment to stop acting as stupid.

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UFO near the Sun – Review of the activity of unidentified objects at April 4, 2012. (HQ)‬

With all The Love I AM



ANdReA, Mother and Father God & the entire GFP Staff

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