Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Come Lie Down In The Green Pastures – 6 April 2012

God said:

Let your heart rest. Let your mind rest. Let there be gaps between your sentences. Let there be pause between thoughts. You don’t have to be thinking a mile a minute. Your thoughts don’t have to comment on all your thoughts. Let your thoughts be. That is the same as to say: “Let your thoughts go.” So many of them are just flim-flam anyway, isn’t this so?

Be good to yourself. Give yourself a break from racing thoughts.

Come, lie down in the green pastures of life with Me. We will put your thoughts aside for a while and just be. Entwined in love, We can be without thought, certainly without thought upon thought upon thought. We can be without thoughts battling back and forth, thoughts with their fists up, ready to squash other thoughts, thoughts not considering what they are doing, just thoughts buzzing around. .

Know your goodness, and no longer berate yourself. Half the thoughts in your head aren’t yours anyway. They are echoes of others’ thoughts. Thoughts assail you. Be without thoughts for a while. Enjoy a backyard where thoughts do not enter. Here the grass is long, and yet you don’t have to even think about mowing it. Here you just let everything be.

Too much thinking shackles you. Too much thinking doesn’t free you. Too many thoughts spin you around and make you dizzy. It is like you think you have to pick every apple on the tree when you can let them ripen. Thinking so many thoughts can be thoughtless. You have some say over the thoughts you have. You are not looking for an accumulation of thoughts. The idea isn’t: “The more thoughts the merrier.” Not at all.

Let your thoughts be like poetry. Length is not your standard. Crowdedness is not your standard. Simplicity and usability are. Peace is.

Give some of your thoughts a nap. Let them wake up refreshed. They just may go off somewhere, leaving you to rub your eyes and enjoy the fresh air.

Do not be a hoarder of thoughts. Let your thoughts be like birds who are free to fly. You want to be free to think, not encumbered with thoughts that would take you over and leave you no peace. Let your thoughts be like doves that surrender to you. Your thoughts are not to keep you captive. Instead of surrendering to your thinking, surrender your thoughts. Uncrowd your mind.

You are more thoughtful when you have fewer thoughts. Let not your mind be full of thoughts like weeds. Pluck the weeds out and let beautiful flowers grow tall in the garden of your mind. Let flowers of thoughts blossom. Too many thoughts are wasteful. Thought after thought runs into another, and you don’t even know what you are thinking. Let wholesome thoughts thrive and let go of those thoughts that would rattle you. Let your thoughts be respectful of you. You need not be subservient to your thoughts.

Thoughts do not have to run free in your mind. Your mind is your pasture. Your thoughts do not have to be racehorses that fill your mind. Let thoughts graze quietly in the pasture of your mind.

You have thought enough thoughts to fill your mind for a lifetime. Thoughts are good. Just make yours worthwhile. Let not thoughts rustle you. Have thoughts that you enjoy and would like to grow as a crop. Why reap thoughts you don’t want to? You are not obligated to your thoughts. You have some say over them.

Worthless thoughts are ruthless thoughts. Worthwhile thoughts bring peace. Culture wholesome thoughts. Keep wholesome thoughts near. Let your thoughts be a blessing to you and the world. link to original article


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